17 Forecasting the future of the world by Jucelino

Jucelino Nobrega da Luz is Brazilian, born in 1960, when this profession was school teacher, and with his wife and two children live a simple life, he is a very ordinary city dwellers.
That he foretold events with dates, month, year incidence of major disaster and are equipped with clear instructions, in addition to at a later date if there is a third party who doubted the validity of the predictions, forecasts Jucelino always publicize events with dates and events, asking for certified notary bureau state or postal service, making it easier for others to do the examination.
Here are some predictions about the future of the world in the near term is primarily associated with global warming:

Year 2008 Empire State* Drugs AIDS disease and Dengue antidote found.
* [x] On July 18 a large earthquake would occur in the Philippines, there will be thousands of casualties.
* [x] Empire State Building, New York, in September will experience the terror events.
* [x] On September 13, will occur on the Richter scale 9.1 earthquake in China, the source of the earthquake in Nanning and Hainan Island, along a giant tsunami that would occur as high as 30 feet, causing millions of deaths. Tsunamis are very likely sweep the Japanese as well.
Year 2009 Gempa* Date January 25 would be a big earthquake was 8.9 on the Richter scale attack Osaka and Kobe, Japan, feared the death toll reached several tens of thousands of people.
* In November in Japan, a major earthquake happens again, there will be thousands of people dead.
* The Brazilian government due to economic crisis and unable to issue insurance funds and pension schemes, so that the people in the capital city and the prison revolt.
* On August 24 Istanbul, Turkey, a major earthquake will occur 8.9 on the Richter scale, the streets are cracked and broken a lot.
* On December 16 in eastern Sumatra, Indonesia, would occur 7.8 on the Richter scale earthquake, thousands people dead.

Year 2010 Stock Crash* On June 15 in New York stock market would collapse, the world economy will enter a crisis situation.
* Temperature several African countries are likely to increase until 58a ° Celsius, the same happened a severe shortage of clean water.
Temperatures in Africa could achieve 58a ° Celsius, the numbers at the beginning of hearing as if it's hard to believe, but in reality in early May 2007, according to the info the traveler who went to the surrounding regions of Africa, the temperature in Greece and Turkey has reached 39Â 40a ° to ° Celsius, while the main capitals of Iraq and the Arabian Peninsula han asked the high temperature in the temperature of 45A ° - 46Â ° Celsius, the highest temperature in summer is possible to happen. The temperature of the beginning of May alone was so high, can be conceived in the year 2010 will be increasingly severe global warming, temperatures in many African countries it is possible to print a record of hard to imagine. 
Year 2011 H5N1* Research methods in cancer healing worked successfully, but other new diseases will emerge.
* Outbreaks of the deadly poison would appear, called ALS (red.: literal translation, not necessarily accurate) that cause loss of immunity, when contracting the disease within four hours going to die.
* Avian influenza type H5NI officially began attacking the human race, until the year 2013 there are around 73 million people have died because of this virus.
Characteristic not only forecasts predict Jucelino infectious diseases and the earthquake, even a disease that has not happened and the name of gempapun unpredictable, such as the title of the book by Al Gore, former vice president, titled An Inconvenient Truth, hurricane swept the capital city of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro-ri causing thousands of deaths, ALS designation for emerging infectious diseases in 2011, a major earthquake in San Francisco, USA, in 2006 called The Big One and the other typical examples.

Year 2012 Penggundulan* The expansion of fields of fire area during the season drought, desertification starts, between the years 2015 to 2020 the Amazon jungle would disappear.
* Starting December 6 times the sky turns into a black cloud, referred to as dense fog because of the weather.
* The spread of infectious diseases of mankind became extinct.
Year 2013 * Research for methods of healing diseases other than cancer, brain tumors otherwise managed.
* Bahama Island from West Indies islands (cluster near the Caribbean islands), between December 1 to 25 November due to volcanic eruption, an earthquake, it also might happen after the tsunami giant super-gi setting 150 meters, the tsunami waves as high as approximately 80 meters will sweep the sea of the Caribbean, the mainland USA, Brazil and others are also going to hit deep into the mainland up to 15-20 km. Before the tsunami struck, the sea water will recede as deep as six meters, a large number of turtles are also going to start moving.
Jucelino at the time predicted by dogs and cats will find no major disaster strikes, those would have fled from their homes, 24 hours before leaving their location will show signs of unusual movement, therefore we can based on these observations make it as standard .
Year 2014 Small Planet Earth slowly approaching and there is the possibility of colliding with Earth, the existence of this small planet about the problems arising from the sinking of the influence of mankind on earth.
2015 Mid-November the world's average temperature likely to reach 59Â ° Celsius, there are many people die from the heat, thus the confusion of the world just getting worse.
Year 2016 Mid-April * typhoon attacks, there are capital cities in China were damaged, about 1,000 people were killed.
* Current U.S. President George W. Bush going into hospital emergency room, her soul at death's door.
AsteroidYear 2018 Concerning the problem of a small planet to earth approach, the leaders of many governments of the world met together to overcome it. Juce-lino in 2000 already had predicted, while also notify the existence of small planets that to Nasa, on June 31, 2002 a small portion Nasa officials named the minor planet is 2002NZT7?. (May be able to read the article on Planet Nibiru)
Year 2019 * Most likely solution would be to use the power of the results of scientific research, but if the earth collided with it, then it could lead to third world's population perished. Jucelino extrapolate the small planet slammed into Earth 60%.
* Areas east sea of Japan will be a super big earthquake that is still more powerful than the massive earthquake that has ever happened in the seas of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Year 2025 * The climatology experts rediscover the small planet, it is very likely ask brakan back to earth, possibly reaching 80% collided.
Year 2026 * There was a super big earthquake in San Francisco in June, referred to as "The Big One", a large fracture of the San Andreas Fault can be damaged, the state of California could be destroyed, many volcanic crater would be open again, the height of the tsunami can exceed 150 meters.
From the warning forecast for the future, other than as described above predictions, there is still more startling predictions people last predictions that can be delivered is up to the year 2043 Jucelino
Year 2043 the world population is reduced drastically, there are about 80% of the population perished in the disaster.

Olympic Games held in Beijing if the world would run smoothly?
As depicted in the front, the year 2008 a major earthquake will occur 9.1 on the Richter scale caused millions of deaths in China, according to forecasts Jucelino, date of occurrence of earthquakes is September 13, while the Olympics is taking place on August 8 to 24, judging from the schedule, after the Olympics after new earthquake.
But the concern is that before the big earthquake, small earthquakes will occur repeatedly (in May 1998 was also a fairly powerful earthquake in China), which also would make entering the country and its people uneasy.

BeijingJucelino Although not clearly confirm exactly when it happened, but if it is assumed by one to two months, most probably occur during the Olympics taking place, if so could create a trust the organizers and the athletes participating to waver.
When writers read a piece of prophecy Jucelino, in the mind instantly thought of Mr. message. John Titoer (literal translation, yet accurate) that â € œOlimpiade Athens in 2004 was the last.

However, according to forecasts epicenter in Nanning and the event around the island of Hai-nan, the island terujung in China, while around both places as long as the game arena is not built, then the world Olympic bakal closed successfully.
But the problem is the government's position of CCP (Communist Party of China), the only important advance guard, with only prioritize the Olympic success of the initial quake and then ignore the more frequent, possibly against the lack of anticipation is very high.
Government of CCP is probably going to adjust the situation and the condition would limit the news, news block the initial earthquake event is predicted for both domestic and foreign press, such an act would create an absolute disaster as predicted worse.
In the warning letter Jucelino said: â € œJikalau not done a good protection against civil society, can bring very severe losses.

Divination Jucelino also mentions the arrival of the ice age was also correctly predict about the weather anomaly, one of which, in the year 2003 happened to the hot temperatures in Europe, in a warning letter dated October 29, 2001 Jucelino forecast: â € œAlam earth would strike back, the increase in temperature France, Germany and Portugal caused tens of thousands of people killed, this disaster could happen in 2003 and 2004.
The reality, summer temperatures in Europe in 2003 reached its peak, there were approximately 35 thousand people dead heat. In France and Germany among the most severe, the victim was killed in France as many as 14 000 inhabitants, in Germany around 7000 people.

Global WarmingCarefully look at the forecast Jucelino, global warming becoming increasingly rising, until the year 2012 the temperature in the African countries can perhaps achieve 58a ° Celsius disturbing people, along with it also can occur severe water shortage, after the temperature will also be the more increased, 2015 Earth's average temperature could reach 59Â ° Celsius, many people will die from the heat, the fear of humanity will increasingly menggelobal.
If really happen like that, of course, could result in drought and shortage of food supply and causing tension between countries, Ju-celino also predicted the year 2011 could be a shortage of water will cause a new outbreak of the war, about this war he does not foresee in detail, but felt that rather than a simple border war.
Global WarmingHowever the symptoms of this warming is happening now instead of like the weather experts considered that â € € lambanâ œkecepatan very warming, but jump drastically.
But warming also seems absolutely not happen continuously, after global warming, have been waiting for symptoms turned into extreme cold. As long as global temperatures rise so dramatically, the island of Greenland and south poles will be no ice in large enough quantities to melt, it is absolutely inevitable, as a result of ocean circulation becomes weak so that turned into a cooling effect, drove as fast as lightning, that it would nandakan there was a birth of a new ice age.
In Jucelino forecast seems also proved that in the year 2027 after a state of global cooling, still more will be facing a new ice age. Detail the contents of this prediction:
Volcanoâ € œGunung volcano Yellow Stone Park in the United States began to erupt, because the blast was so large that the fire-kibatkan Why lava and smoke will spread in all directions as far as 1600 km, such as Kansas, Nebraska and Montana, etc., would have suffered major disasters, after the volcano erupted again be born a new ice age.
The eruption of the volcano is not only happening in Yellow Stone Park, in all places in the world can also occur, therefore exhausts have been blotted out the sun, the more general circulation of ocean currents stop the symptoms has stimulated the formation of global cooling.

Al Gore received the Nobel Prize for peace Al GoreAs you may know, former U.S. Vice President Al Gore's attempt to study the problems of global warming, a famous essay which made his film An Inconvenience Truthtelah, even Oscar has also received a gift, so many people greeted with bitter problems global warming
Al Gore, who moved to the silver screen. Surely, in 19 years ago, namely in 1988, Jucelino already meramalnya, the story was published in the magazine edition of the Moon 6, the end of May prior to publication, chief editor told the author during this research, I also feel surprised to stunned for a moment.
According to a letter to Al Gore's prediction that when it served as a member of Congress who sent a post in 1988 by Jucelino already diinfokan to Al Gore, from the years 1993 to 2001 he served as vice president would be the Clinton administration, later will try to persevere toward activities that protect the environment on earth, while also going with a famous essay book titled An Inconvenience Truth, in a letter written in English that, Jucelino also mentions the exact title of his book.
Besides these predictions in the letter also notified the activities of Al Gore is going to be recognized and awarded the Nobel peace prize in 2007. Jucelino prediction capability, we can not deny.
Time given to mankind was not left much, started in December 2007, a black cloud over the world will be spread throughout

BencanaJucelino forecast, if the human race we still maintain today's state, humanity from the year 2008 - 2012 will undergo a full day of fear, the early signs before a disaster happens, the sky around the world will be covered with a black cloud
Always feel for catastrophic disasters that would disongsong by the world in the future, including the movement of weather and the outbreak of war, disasters strived to be 0, if still happens, also when changing the scope into a small, end of year 2007 is the ultimate limit of the human race began mendusin . Jucelino crave the end of the year 2007 the world would be a major change of consciousness.
Seriousness of the situation was so urgent, but if we humans still retain obstinate indifference and numbness, Jucelino warn mankind about the future of a dark prophecy, as if it was going to happen continuously.
We must be aware of everyone, all the more must be aware of sikonnya so severe, either in person, group, state level, maintaining their respective work station, acting with actual movement, because the last line would arrive.
Without tenagadan minimal absolute power can not be equated, meaning no power is no matter how much nobody paid garner no force will be formed, while the minimal effort, if the number of people who collected more and more, it could change the more powerful energy.
Let's say starting from the self of each person, although the energy a person is weak, but we can affect several millions and even tens of millions of people, determining a mighty force that can be formed to change the big disaster in the future.

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