Natural Phenomena 14 Most Difficult We Meet

1. Moonbows / Rainbow Moon
Rainbow occurs because the sun was shining on the dew droplets, usually occurs in the atmosphere after the rain. Moonbow less common, only visible at night when the moon is on the low point during the full moon nearly full moon. One popular place to look is at the waterfall Moonbow Cumberland in Kentucky USA. ( )

2. Mirages / Fata Morgana
Mirage occurs when light biased and produces images of an object or the sky but it was not there. This phenomenon usually occurs on hot surfaces such as asphalt roads or desert sand. (

3. The Belt of Venus
The Venus Belt / Belt of Venus is a phenomenon that emerged during the dusty twilight when a group of reddish and brownish sky appeared between the sky and horizon. (

4. Noctilucent Cloud / cloud Noctilucent
Noctilucent clouds are very high clouds in the atmosphere which refract light at dusk when the sun had sunk, illuminating / light source illuminates the sky with the invisible. (

5. Aurora Borealis
In the southern parts of the world also known as the Aurora Australis, Aurora Borealis is electrically charged particles from the sun which has reached the top of the earth's atmosphere and become very active. Aurora usually often seen in areas near the poles and at a time when day and night equal in length. (

6. Mammatus Clouds / Clouds Mammatus

This strange cloud forms are often associated with storms, and can not fully understand how clouds are formed. (

7. Fire Whirls / Fire Whirls
Fire whirls / vortex tornado spinning fire is too close to a forest fire or a whirlpool that formed because there is too much heat in the area. (

8. Pyrocumulus Clouds / Clouds Pyrocumulus
Pyrocumulus cloud is another phenomenon associated with the heat that is formed because of the widespread and intense heat from a region that forms a cloud comulus. Volcanoes, forest fires, and nuclear explosions (in the form mushrom Clouds) is the main cause of pyrocumulus Clouds. (

9. Sun Pillars / Sun Pillar
Sun Pillars / columns of the sun occurs when the sun is sinking ice clouds at high reflecting the different layers. This produces a towering pillar of light up into the sky. very likely also to witness the moon pillar or pillars of the month. (

10. Virga
Virga is a phenomenon that occurs when ice crystals in clouds to fall, but evaporates before touching the ground. Virga appears like a tail / trail of clouds that reached the soil surface, sometimes forming a cloud like a jellyfish. (

11.Katabatic Winds / Cloud Katabatic
This is a dense wind that brings air from a higher place to lower place due to gravity. Katabatic winds known locally as Santa Ana (southern california), mistral (Mediterranean), Bora (Adriatic sea) Oroshi (Japan), Pitaraq (Greenland), and wailliwaw (Tierra del Fuego). Williwaw and wind moving in the Antarctic is usually harmless, blowing with a speed of 100 knots. (

12. Fire Rainbow / Rainbow Fire
Fire rainbow is a very rare phenomenon that appears only when the sun is high which makes its rays pass through the high cirrus clouds containing ice crystals.

13. Ray Green
Also known as the Green Flash. This phenomenon appears very briefly before the sun was completely absorbed and after sunrise. This phenomenon appears as a flash / green light above the sun which took place very quickly, usually only a few moments. This occurs because the refraction of light in the atmosphere.

14. Linghning Ball / Ball Lightning
This is a very rare phenomenon that involves lightning / lightning-shaped ball is moving slower than normal lightning. It has been reported of ball lightning is equal to 8 feet and can cause severe damage. There are reports that ball lightning destroyed the whole building.

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