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The term mythology has been used since the 15th century, and means "the science that explains about the myth." At present, according to mythology Big Indonesian Dictionary (1997) is the science of literary form that contains the holy conception and tales about gods and supernatural beings living in a culture. According to experts, should not be equated with the myth of fables, legends, folklore, fairy tales, anecdotes or fiction. Myth and religion also different, but includes several aspects.

• Creatures legend
Creatures in the mythological creatures and legends are alive in folklore (often known as "magical creatures" in the history books). Some creatures, such as dragons and Griffin, has the origin in their traditional mythology, and trust is a creature really exists. Some are based on reality, which may in fact distorted by the story of the pilgrims, like for example "Vegetables from Tartaria lambing." Unicorn story may arise from the twisted story of the rhinoceros in reality..


Griffin is usually characterized as a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. Believed to be a creature that is very strong because the lion as king of the beasts and the eagle is the king of birds. In ancient times, is regarded as a protector of God. This creature looks at the Minoan civilization (2700-1450 BC)

Phoenix is a bird of fire from ancient Egyptian mythology, which is described as a bird to die by fire and reborn from the flames. Usually described as having gold and red feathers. At the end of life, Phoenix is told to build a nest of cinnamon twigs which then caught fire. Bird destroyed by fire but then the new young Phoenix arises from the same fire. Phoenix's lifetime is believed to be 500-1461 years. Phoenix tears heal wounds believed to be

Unicorn is usually described as a horse with a long horn dikepalanya, but originally had a beard like a goat, tail of a lion, and a split nail. Unicorn is the only legendary creature that does not frighten people, and usually described as being smooth. Told it is impossible to capture a unicorn. Horn is said to neutralize poison. Unicorn was first known as the Indus valley civilization (3300-1700SM)

Satyr originally seen as a friend of the goats gods in ancient Greek society. The first description of male satyrs are normal, although often seen with an erect penis. Then combined with the Roman mythology where the start is described as half-human (upper) and the half-goat (bottom). Satyr depicted as being naughty, destructive and dangerous, shy and cowardly. In the past they were often described as having horns dikepala, and the young appear to have many problems

In Greek mythology, the minotaur bull has the upper body and bottom of the human body. Minotaur is said to live in the middle of the labyrinth with a big street like a complicated construction of King Minos of Crete. Designed by Daedalus and known to be at the site of Knossos. Minotaur looks briefly at the scene of Satyricon by Petronius. And killed by Theseus

Cyclops is a member of the human race of ancient giants, which have a single eye in the middle of her forehead. Cyclops described as Homer and Hesiod. Based on Hesiod, Cyclops named Brontes, Steropes, and Arges are the children of Uranus (sky) and Gaia (earth), while based on Homer's Cyclops said to the son of Poseidon and Thoosa a Cyclops named Polyphemus who was

Mermaid (or Merman for men) has been discussed since 5000 BC. Even Christopher Columbus said he has seen in his journey. In English fairy tales they are seen as a curse or a disaster warning is

Gorgon is a bad woman with canines and snakes lived as a substitute for hair. Legend says that if people see the face of the Gorgon would turn into stone. Possible the most famous Gorgon was Medusa who was the only woman among the three greatest brothers (the others are Stheno and Euryale). Because of huge Medusa, Perseus can only kill him by cutting off her head as she saw her reflection in the shield Perseus. Greek Gorgon description used to describe crimes

Banshee comes from Irish mythology and commonly known as female spirits. They are regarded as the angel of death and believed to be from another world. They are usually known as part of an ancient Celtic religious idolatry in which they are subordinate to God. Spirits, or ancestors. In the UK they are known as fairies. According to legend, a banshee will wander outside the house as she wailed inside the house if someone will die

Giant or a giant monster that has been described as exceptional strength and size larger than human. They appear in the Bible (the story of King David and Goliath). In mythology they are often described as having a conflict with the gods and is usually linked to chaos and the wild. They appear at the beginning with ancient Greek culture in which they are known by the name Gigantes, creatures born from Gaia fertilized with the blood of Uranus when he was castrated

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