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Figures of the Lord? Perhaps you are wondering about the "Numbers of God", are you doing? Actually it's just my term for describing a "mystery figure" (read: really amazing) is found in many events in nature. This figure has been widely investigated by real scientists abroad, they generally call this figure is the "golden ratio" or "golden number".

Well, maybe some of you already familiar with the last two terms. Yes, for you who have read about these things you must know that this figure related to the Fibonacci sequence or Fibonacci sequence.

Do you know why the researchers call it the golden number? because many events in nature associated with these figures. Even before Obama was elected president, there is predicted that Obama will become America's 44th president on the basis of analysis of the Fibonacci sequence. Wow? Really?

Overview About the Fibonacci sequence
For those of you who have graduated from high school must have never heard of Fibonacci numbers in maths. If for example you have not, maybe this time you're not going to school .. sorry joke.

What is the Fibonacci numbers? Fibonacci numbers are the sequence number (sequence number) which were prepared by Leoanardo Fibonacci in the year 1175 to 1245 AD Fibonacci numbers also known as the golden number of human life.

Believe it or not, according to the scientists at the time of yore, the Fibonacci numbers is one proof of the existence of God (this is one reason God gave me the title number). Well how come?

Fibonacci numbers, what is it? Fibonacci number is a sequence of numbers obtained from the sum of two numbers in front, for example like this:

0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34, 55, 89, etc.

Explanation : For example, Figure 5, obtained from the sum of two numbers in front of 2 +3.

You may then ask, then what angka2 connection with evidence of God?
Fibonacci shows some strange facts, but first we need to know in advance about the number of Phi? What is the number of Phi?
Surely you know, numbers are numbers 1618 Phi. What to do with Fibonacci? Phi is the result of the division of numbers in the Fibonacci sequence with numbers in front.
For example 3:2, 34:21, 89:55.
The larger the Fibonacci numbers are involved in the division, the result would be getting closer to 1618.

Facts "Figures of the Lord" Fibonacci Numbers
As briefly mentioned earlier, this figure is evidence to suggest the existence of God and considered sacred by the ancient scientists.
Almost all God's creatures are regarded as having the Fibonacci numbers in his life, whether plants, animals, and humans.

Here are some facts found in nature.

Probably most are not too much attention to the number of leaves on a flower. And if observed, it turns out the number of leaves on the flower adheres Fibonacci sequence. example:
- Number 3 petals: lily, iris
- The number of five petals: buttercup (a type of flower bowl)
- Total 13 petals: ragwort, corn marigolds, cineraria,
- Number 21 petals: aster, black-eyed susan, chicory
- The number of leaves of 34 flowers: plantains, pyrethrum
- The number of leaves, flowers 55.89: Michaelmas daisies, the Asteraceae family

Want to see proof? please observe the following few pictures

Flower pattern also showed a Fibonacci pattern is, for example on sunflower.

From the midpoint to the outer circle, the pattern follow the Fibonacci sequence.

- Hand

When you measure your finger length, and then you compare it with the long curve of her fingers, it will meet 1618.

- Try it for your height with the distance of the navel to the soles of the feet, then the result is 1618.
- Compare the length from shoulder to elbow length fingertip to fingertip, then the result is 1618.
- Compare the length from waist to toe with a knee to the foot length, then the result is 1618
- All comparisons of human body size is 1618. really? please prove it.

Other Facts
1. the number of female bees certainly not much more than males? If we compare the number of female bees by the number of male bees, the result is 1618

2. Sea shells, sea shells have a spiral-shaped hard shell. comparison between the length of the front line with the next spiral, then the result is 1618

3. Leaves, stems, insects, and all who spiral shape, when compared between the previous long last spiral, then the result will always be 1618.

4. Reportedly, a Stradivarius, the creator of the ball, also use these numbers in the laying of a hole in the ball.

Building a diarsiteki by Phidias also uses comparisons based on figures Phi. 1618.

According to a study conducted, a pair of breeding rabbits with this pattern of the Fibonacci sequence of numbers.

And many other things that relate to this figure, the more you can search on google.

Obama's victory and the series of Fibonacci numbers
This topic is just an extra. There was a study published in June 2008, at the time was still in the stage of the campaign Presidential candidates Obama and MacCain, which research suggests may be exact and predicted that Obama will become President of America's 44th.

The study was based on political events in America that has something to do with the political life of blacks in America (African-Americans). In the study mentioned that based on the series of political events in America, then Obama has a great chance to become President of the United States.
Well, the reality is proved.

Well, this is a little review about Fibonacci numbers or numbers that can be easily found God in nature to the events. Is this coincidence? Or is this really is everything that has been designed by Him to show His greatness?

For those of you who want to know more, you can find on search engines about Fibonacci, you can get more information and a series of events related to the Fibonacci numbers.

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