Seven Monster Women From Worldwide

Weird monster men get a lot of play today. But what about the scary monster that will occur in women?After all, just because you happen to be a female, does not mean that you can not emerge from the depths of the grave or hell to stalk, hunt and kill innocent people. Here are a few unique monsters women from around the world.

1. Aswang (The Philippines)

Okay, he has a funny name, but other than that this creature was like a female vampire scary enough. He shapeshifter who can pass as a normal person in the daytime, but turn into winged creatures or animals at night. He has wings that were louder when they further, and soft when they are near, or perhaps RIGHT BEHIND YOU. Aswang often eat small children or a corpse, and then replace them with a copy of the body. They can be rejected by the palm oil, salt, or uh, certain body fluids.

2. Rusalki (Russia and the Ukraine) 

Rusalki is the spirit of women who have died while carrying an illegitimate child, who died in or near water bodies, or who committed suicide. At night, they emerge from a body of water where they live for climbing trees.rusalki
3. Lamia

4. Baba Yaga (Eastern Europe)

baba jaga01

5. Harionago (Japan)

6. Pontianak

7. La Llorona (North America)

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