5 Stone World's most unique and weirdest

1.Dome of the Rock in the Aqsa Mosque, Jerusalem

Proof of the greatness of Allah SWT stone seat when the Prophet Muhammad SAW Isra Mi `raj until now is still floating in the air. At the time of the Prophet Muhammad's Ascension stones TSB would go, but the Prophet SAW menghentakan feet on the stones TSB, TSB did not mean to stay out of stone.


2.Uluru Alice Springs, Australia


Stone that can change color to follow the weather, sometimes orange, black, blue etc..

 3.Hyden, Australia

Waves as the waves rock it already exists 2.700jt years ago by researchers.

 Walking 4.Batu

There has been no research on this stone, and one person even if this stone has not been tough benar2 running, only tracks only avowed if this stone could walk or move.

5.  Minangkabau - Padang

It is said that this stone is a child who is cursed by his mother, because of disobedience. known as the legend of Malin Kundang ..

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