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Mystery Lights in Phoniex

Eyewitnesses claim lights seen over Phoenix are UFOs.

Multiple sightings were reported

An Air Force flare

Many in Phoenix saw the mysterious lights
On the night of March 13, 1997, Phoenix resident Michael Krzyston shot amateur video of lights flying over his home in a “V” formation:
“Before I knew it, an entire display of lights comes on. I got a little excited at that time, and I called my wife… it was really quite unusual”
Michael Krzyston was not the only eyewitness that evening. Thousands of Arizona residents claimed to have seen the exact same formation of lights.  Were the lights UFOs?  Many of the eyewitnesses were immediately convinced.
Not surprisingly, an official explanation soon emerged from Capt. Drew Sullins of the Air National Guard:
“The 104th fighter squadron of the Maryland Air National Guard’s 175th wing was conducting a night training exercise in the vicinity of the mysterious lights.  What they were doing was dropping night illumination flares over the north tactical range at Luke Air Force and a lot of people seem to think that those flares could in fact have been the quote, unquote, mysterious lights.”

Frame from an actual home video
It seemed plausible that flares would be the cause for the sightings.  However, there was a problem with the military’s explanation.  The military said the flares were dropped between 9:00 and 10:00 PM.  However, the most impressive sighting occurred between 8:00 and 9:00 PM.  Taken together, these eyewitness accounts seem to indicate that there was something other than flares in the Phoenix sky that night. 
At 8:10 PM, nearly an hour before the military began dropping flares, Ross Nickle and his family were driving on Highway 89 when they spotted the lights overhead:
“I saw some lights in a very small pattern. And what they really looked like at that point was just dim stars, several of them in a very tight pattern. They were white like stars when they were coming towards us. And at that point, they changed colors and went from white to red. They were just overhead at that point and they were, in my estimation, not very high off the ground.  I’m guessing a thousand feet. And there was absolutely no sound. During the whole time, from the start to finish, there was absolutely no sound.”
Twenty minutes later, a commercial airline pilot and his wife were driving home after dinner when they too spotted the lights.  For professional reasons, the pilot agreed to tell his story only if his identity was concealed:
“I've been flying for 29 years now, and I’m not used to looking up in the sky and not being able to figure out what I’m seeing. I looked at it then and tried to make it into an airliner. I realized again, it's going too slow, and… there's no noise at all. And then the next thing that struck me is that, man, why would his landing lights be pointed straight down?”
Given the locations of the sightings, the lights appeared to be heading south.  At 8:30 PM, Ozma Linderman and her boyfriend were just settling down for the evening when they had their own encounter: 
“It was very clear in my mind that it was one solid craft. The lights were traveling too perfectly spaced apart, and there was a void clearly between the lights that blacked out the stars when it came down. The whole thing just slowed, I don't know, maybe to a stop or it hovered for a second, and then, what looked like one solid red oval object, it just turned red and shot straight up and disappeared, gone, completely gone.”
At 8:45 PM, 15 minutes before the military began dropping flares, trucker Gary Morris spotted the lights while driving:
“To me it didn't look like floodlights. They didn't really look like spotlights. There was something different about them that I had never seen before.”
Between 8:00 and 9:00 PM the Phoenix lights had traveled over 300 miles and been seen by hundreds of witnesses.  An hour passed.  Then at 10 PM Michael Krzyston shot the video that would provide the basis for the military’s official explanation:
“If you lived in Phoenix, these flares, some of them were dropped at 14,000 and 15,000 feet. They burn very bright. They burn for five to six minutes. They are suspended by a parachute, and it's a large flare. You would be able to see those flares, I would imagine, for 150, maybe even 200 miles.”
The commercial pilot is convinced the lights he saw were not flares:
“I've seen them from the ground, I've seen them from the air, and these weren't flares. And probably the major reason that these were almost certainly not flares dropped by the military was they're dangerous. So they would never, ever be dropped over a population center.”
Will the mystery of the Phoenix lights ever be solved?  For the military, the case is closed.  But for hundreds of eyewitnesses the question remains: did the Phoenix lights come from somewhere beyond the stars?

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Falcon Lake UFO

A man is left with mysterious burns after witnessing a UFO.

Stephen Michalak claimed he saw two UFO’s

Michalak’s sketch of the UFO’s

This photograph shows Michalak’s burns
People who claimed to have seen UFOs do not typically return with any evidence to verify their stories.  But in this instance, the person involved came back with more than a tall tale.  The evidence of his encounter was actually burned into his body.
Stephen Michalak and his wife came to Manitoba, Canada, from Poland, after World War II.  Stephen found work as an industrial mechanic and was also an amateur rock hound.  He spent every spare moment in the beautiful natural woodlands of Manitoba:
“I love nature.  I love birds, animals. Every weekend I usually travel, go… out in the country and snooping in the… rocks.”
On May 20, 1967, Stephen was prospecting in the hills east of Winnipeg, when he was suddenly distracted by a noisy flock of geese:

The strange burn marks never went away
“Looking on the tree, I notice two cigarette-like shape things, with the hump in the middle.  I said ‘What the hell is that?’ One… in the air and the other one is coming down, down, down.  I start looking for marks.  NASA or something… Nothing, I didn’t see anything on it.”
Stephen’s son, Stan Michalak, was 10-years-old at the time and recalled what his father witnessed:
“I do remember one description that he gave at the time.  He said that the skin of the craft, the outside of the craft was flawless.  There was… nothing.  It was as though you had milled out of a solid block of steel, this disc, this saucer with the dome on top.”
Stephen told his son that, after a few moments, the door of the craft slowly opened.  The light emitted from the door was so bright, he had to snap down the visor on his safety goggles.  Then, after a few moments, the door suddenly shut.  According to Stephen, the craft rotated counterclockwise, knocking him backwards, and setting his shirt on fire:
“After igniting with the fire, the craft lifts up 30 to 40 feet and vanishes.  And then I decide… now is the time for me to buzz off from here.  So I start going.”

The burned out area was 30 feet across
In shock, Stephen headed back toward his car.  He was nauseous and vomited several times.  Disoriented, he checked his compass, trying to find his way southeast, to the road.  But the needle went haywire.  Stephen made his best guess at the right direction.  Nine hours later, he finally arrived back home.  He was badly burned and still disoriented.  According to his son, Stan, Stephen’s burns left doctors baffled:
“At that point in time, the diagnosis, if you can call it that, was burns.  And sure they were burns, yes.  Heat-caused burns.  What they couldn’t diagnose and didn’t have a clue about was what appeared below the chest on the abdomen, the exact same pattern of holes that was on the grid on the side of the craft in the same order, in the same rows in the same number appeared as red spots on his lower abdomen, red dots.”
Stephen was released from the hospital, but his symptoms worsened.  The nausea continued and his body seemed to emit a sulfuric stench.   Stephen was tested for radiation poisoning, but the results were negative.  No one could explain the source of the strange burns on his torso. 
Six weeks after the encounter, Stephen and a friend went looking for the site.  After several hours they found a burned-out circle the same size as the craft Stephen had seen.  It was more then 30 feet across.  Within days, a team of experts from the United States, working with the Royal Canadian Air Force, converged on the site.  They took measurements, catalogued soil samples, and checked for radiation.  The levels appeared quite high, and the Health Department considered quarantining the area.  Later, however, they discovered that the high levels were caused by an unrelated vein of radium which ran under the entire region.
Meanwhile, Stephen’s burns, which had appeared to be healing, suddenly flared up again.  According to Stephen, his doctors remained mystified:
“After every three months, my burns from legs and here were coming back, showing up again and burning.”
Nearly 30 years after his encounter, Stephen died with the burn marks still emblazoned on his torso.  For the remainder of his life, Stephen Michalak never lost faith that on May 20, 1967, he had a remarkable encounter with something not of this Earth.

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Ghosts of Gettysburg


Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. Three days of brutal combat at the height of the Civil War left 50,000 Union and Confederate casualties.  The creeks literally ran red with blood.  Some report that Gettysburg is still haunted by the ghosts of those cut down in battle. Author and historian Mark Nesbitt offered this theory as to why:

“At Gettysburg, there was so much emotional energy expended in a short period of time, from the 15-year-old kid who was scared to death that he'd never make it home, or the 40-year-old man who'd just been shot through the lungs and was dying and thinking about his family.  You have to think that some of it must remain.”

Many of the ghostly sightings have been reported by Civil War re-enactors. Dressed in period costumes, they re-stage the battle, blow by blow.  One re-enactor, Ray Hock, says he and a friend were approached by a haggard figure, too realistic to be just another

“I think I seen a ghost.  I think this guy had original equipment on.  Original coat.  Everything, to me, points out that it was original.”

Ray says a ghost gave him this bullet

Ray says the soldier handed them each two authentic-looking cartridges. When they looked up, the mysterious visitor had vanished.

Live ammunition hasn't been allowed at Gettysburg for 100 years.  Ray, a university expert, determined that the cartridges were genuine Civil War issue, vintage 1863.

In the summer of 1993, some friends were at Gettysburg for the battle re-enactments.  One evening, as they hiked along a creek called Bloody Run, they came across a man laying in the bushes.  Richard Knapp described what he saw:

“He appeared to be a man laying there, but he wasn't solid like you and I are.  I mean, he was more of a hazy mist.  He was shivering 'cause it looked like he was in a lot of pain.  I couldn't go no further.  Emotionally, I broke down and cried.  I was shaking.  I had to actually have somebody come back and lead me out of the trail.”

The terror of Gettysburg was not limited to the battlefield. According to Mark Nesbitt, Army surgeons, lacking medicine and proper instruments, handled most injuries with one quick treatment—amputation:

“Many of the men underwent amputations of limbs without any anesthetic whatsoever, except perhaps a shot of good old-fashioned army whiskey.  So the Civil War hospital then was probably as close to a descent into hell on Earth as these Civil War soldiers would have ever gotten to.”

One building, Pennsylvania Hall, was a field hospital during the battle. Today it’s the offices of Gettysburg College. But some say the cries of the wounded still echo here.  One night close to midnight, two school administrators were alone in the building. They were using the elevator when the doors suddenly opened onto a real-looking Civil War hospital. Mark Nesbitt described what the women experienced:

“The stench of a hospital was all around. As they peered out on this, of course they began to panic.  There was no place to go. Suddenly, one of the orderlies turned to them and looked at them beseechingly, as if he needed help with this horrible task that he was doing or perhaps help to get out of this forced incarceration he'd been in for the last 13 decades.”

That night, the two officials told their story to a campus security officer. Timon Linn,
chief of security at Gettysburg College, remembered the incident:

“I would have to say that something frightened them. I can't explain it.  Although I don't believe in ghosts, I guess to a certain extent I believe that they saw maybe what they said they saw only because I know them as credible people.”
Is it possible these ghostly sightings were imagined?  Or, will the spirits of Gettysburg’s soldiers remain here forever? 

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Florida Haunted House

If you happen to be in Lake Wales, Florida, there’s a house you might want to avoid.  It’s a very ordinary looking house, but as you can probably guess, appearances can be deceiving.  In the fall of 1991, 19-year old Alan Mann lived in the house with his parents.  Alan worked nights, and during the day, he was often home alone—or so he thought:

“I had the afternoon off.  I’d come home and I guess it was about 3:00 o’clock in the afternoon, I’d finally gotten some sleep.”

Then, suddenly the image of a mysterious woman appeared before him:

“The figure turned away from the door like it was leaving.  And by the time I got up and walked three paces to the door, I don’t know what happened, it just turned the corner and disappeared.”

Alan Mann said he looked high and low for the mysterious woman.  But even though the doors were locked from the inside, she was nowhere to be found.  He told his mother he thought he’d seen a ghost, but his mother refused to believe him.  That was that, until Alan got married, and his 16-year-old bride Linda moved into the house.  Shortly after the wedding, Alan’s mother, Sandra, was watching TV with her new daughter-in-law.  Sandra, the skeptic, was about to change her tune:

“I had my little dog Prince beside me.  And he was on a pillow.  And I looked down at the end of the couch and I saw this white smoky thing.  And the first thing I thought was fire, and by that time, the dog had gotten up on his feet and then it just disappeared.  And when Prince came back I said Prince… we’ve got company.”

Their lamp mysteriously shot out flames

Even though Linda hadn’t seen the apparition, she was convinced the house was haunted.  Determined to get the scoop, Linda enlisted a friend with a Ouija Board:

“The board talked real good with me.  I believed in it.  I’ve believed in that kind of stuff for a while.  But I never come across it until then.”

According to Linda and Alan, the board spelled out the name “Kramer.”  That was all the proof they needed.  They had a ghost and her name was Kramer.  Alan’s father David, however, wasn’t convinced:

“I thought I was living with a bunch of flakes.  I didn’t want to have anything to do with it.  If it was a paranormal experience or something like that, I didn’t want to have to worry about that, I didn’t want to admit it.”

Linda and Alan, however, knew there was a ghost.  But they weren’t prepared for what happened next.  According to Alan, Linda suddenly attacked him in their bedroom:

“All of a sudden she just snapped.  And she got this weird look.  She pretty much attacked me.  She was laughing.  She had some weird laugh I had never heard.  It didn’t even sound like her.  She has this squeaky little giggle.  And this was, almost an evil laugh.”

Linda had become, seemingly possessed and was holding down Alan.  Alan remembers how forceful his wife became:

“I tried to get away and it made her get more violent.  And she started putting more force on my arms.  So I pushed against her.  And I slammed her against the wall three times.  And she released me.  And she put her head on my shoulder again and started talking and picked up the conversation exactly where she left off before she snapped.”

The Mann family tried to contact spirits

Even stranger was the fact that Linda had no recollection of the events that took place:

“That’s not me.  I don’t have an evil laugh.  I don’t do the things that he says I do, that’s just not my type.  I’m not that type of person.  I just don’t remember.”

Suddenly, the harmless ghost had taken on a whole new personality that was difficult to ignore.  Even David Mann took notice:

“I really got concerned.  At that point I said look, I’m going to get some help.  Somebody somewhere can tell me what the heck is going on.”

A spiritualist told the Manns to pour salt all around the house.  The Manns kept bags of salt under their beds and even tried a homegrown exorcism.  But according to Sandra, nothing helped:

“Every time we tried something… it would settle down and then it would be stronger, you know there’d be more happenings.”

Then, the house began to smell and everyone in the family suffered from bad headaches.  Some of the rooms even took on a deathly chill.  And then, according to Sandra, the voices began:  

“What we heard was like a whole mass of voices, dull, muttering.  And one woman’s voice over the top of them.  But yet you could not distinguish anything they were saying.”

Professionals were called in to investigate

David and Sandra tried to act blasĂ©.  But according to David, the ghost was not about to let them off the hook: 

“I stopped right in the middle of the hall.  I caught the smell again.  And I didn’t have any explanation for, it’s like you get an idea, little voice inside your head, like your conscience or whatever it is.  That little voice that you listen to.  It said, ‘This is Isabella.’”

The Manns were spooked, especially Linda.  She and Alan decided it was time to move out.  Before long, word of the Manns’ plight reached “The Center for Paranormal Studies,” in Silver Springs, Florida.  Armed with a truckload of electronic equipment, the Center’s three founders showed up at the Manns’ house.   Andrew Nichols was one of the parapsychologists sent to study the Manns’ house:

“It definitely had an oppressive ambience to it, almost a depressive type of feeling.  After being in the house for several hours, we all began to experience headaches.”

According to Andrew, Linda and Alan’s old bedroom received the highest amount of paranormal activity:  

“It was very, very high.  So I thought it would be a good idea to start taking a series of photographs at that point.”

Andrew Nichols took two Polaroid shots, one during and one after the flux in paranormal activity.  The second photograph was normal.  But Andrew noticed something strange in the first:

“There was a vague humanoid shape in the forefront of the picture.  It may be a reflection of some unusual environmental effect.  It may be a strange artifact of the human psyche, or it may be a contact with a dimension of existence that’s beyond our imagination.”
Two months later, after a visit from a local minister, the haunting appeared to stop.  But David and Sandra decided they to move out soon after.  Was the house in Lake Wales haunted by the spirit of someone named Isabella Kramer?  Although there are no records that such a person ever lived in that area, the Manns had all the proof they needed. 


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