mystery of lost city atlantis

The story of a lost city under the sea, the city of Atlantis appears in books, films and television shows. People were fascinated by the existence of the city, who claimed to be a home of a very advanced civilization. But if there was such a city was submerged in the sea or not is still a mystery. The story of the city of Atlantis is first mentioned in the writings of the Greek philosopher Plato.

As for the writings of Plato, there was a city of the region, what we know today as the Strait of Gibraltar. Founded by the sea god, Poseidon ruled in March for his heirs. The city is described in the design and architectural marvel. When people live in peace according to the established laws Poseidon, the city of Atlantis was one night, went through thick smoke, which was the result of a volcano spits that existed on the island. When the volcanic lava make their way to the sea was a huge tsunami of up to 200 meters, and took the island, the sea would never be seen or heard of again.

Whether the story mentioned is true or just a fable from Plato is yet to be found out. However scientists have found that the area mentioned as Atlantis still holds the ash deposits of the volcano that erupted thousands of years ago. These deposits lie some 60 meters deep on the island which is now called Kalliste by the Greeks. A connection to the story by Plato and Kalliste is being sought to adjudge whether the story of the Lost City of Atlantis is for real or is just a myth handed down over generations. As there are no other theories to authenticate the fact, research are still going and the mystery still stays.

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