Marafa Depression, also known as Hell's Kitchen is a strange sandstone canyon outside of Malindi, Kenya. From local Nyari - "the place broken by itself" - was once worn by a large ridge of sandstone of the wind, rain and floods in several rugged canyons. Layer-cake sandstone color to reveal the white, pink, orange, purple and deep canyons that is particularly attractive at sunset, when the shade of fluted sandstone gorges and the emphasis is reflected in the sun.

The Marafa depression, also known as Hell's Kitchen, is a bizarre sandstone canyon outside of Malindi, Kenya. Known locally as Nyari - "the place broken by itself" - it was once a large sandstone ridge carried by the wind, rain and flooding in a series of wild ravines. The sandstone-colored layer cake reveal white, pink, orange and deep purple, making the gorge especially striking at sunset when the shades of sandstone canyons ribs are highlighted and the mirror of the sun.

Of course, the stories in the local "place of sulfur alone." According to legend, there once was a town located in the throat now. One day all the inhabitants of the city had a vision telling them a miracle was coming and moved into their city. Everything has changed except an old woman, who refused to leave. Abandoned the city after the alleged lost - and the rest of the woman still inside - Depression Marafa leaving in its place.

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