Hitler's Letter Agreement With the Devil

Dr. Leiber Greta from Germany, a paranormal specialist demon hunter found a letter of agreement expected mysterious yet authentic.

In the former ruins of the building that used by Adolf Hitler's suicide, Dr. Greta found a Letter of Agreement which allegedly was among Hitler's Testament with Satan.

The letter agreement dated 30 April 1932. This letter was signed with the blood of both parties. In it, Satan is called Lucifer promised to give to Hitler unlimited power.

Sang Fuhrer will become absolute ruler of the entire country of Germany and parts of Europe, so it will be flattered and honored the millions of people. Although to get all of it must use the power of large-scale evil. In return Hitler gave his soul to the devil 13 years later.

In front of 11 people Dihadirkannya panelists in a symposium, Dr. Greta says that: "The Pact treaty truly authentic".
"What is written in it, fits well with the course of history and hundreds of cases that occurred during World War II took place" he added.

According to Drs. Greta, history has shown, that Hitler failed in his action before the year 1932. "He failed to complete high school. Also 2 times slumped in art school entrance exams. He became unemployed, and even once went to jail," said Dr.. Greta about some of Hitler's life journey.

After 1932, Hitler's life completely changed. People started listening to his remarks. Like a rocket, his career took off very quickly. Right in the month of January 1933 Hitler had become ruler of the German Kingdom.

And on April 30, 1945, exactly 13 years from the date of the agreement with the devil's pact was signed, Hitler's power collapsed.

Letter of agreement allegedly made ​​between Hitler and Lucifer was found in an iron chest , in the former building where Hitler is expected to commit suicide. Although the letter was slightly damaged but still legible. The letter agreement is now in the Berlin Institute of German History as research material.  


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