Mystery El Chupacabra

One of the most frightening creatures of Crypto zoology El Chupacabra is today, first discovered in Mexico in the town of Puerto Rico. They have also been observed in Latin American society, but the originality of the other monsters similar question of their existence remains a mystery. Even if people are afraid of this creature, but it certainly has been said, it does not harm the human race, but only eat goats and cattle. These monsters are said to be the release of goats, as the holes in the neck of goats and cattle and suck their blood. Most researchers consider Chupacabra legendary creatures, but no one knows who may attack livestock in such horror and mutilated that Chupacabra is said to be because they lack the blood of cattle and goats.

It is believed that the chupacabra looks like a kangaroo-like creature, while some say it looks like a gray-green lizard with longitudinal pins in the back.

There are claims observation Chupacabras's strange that people do not see it, but to find a trail of blood behind his cattle. The image of a hundred cattle were spread with the blood is an ugly and horrible spectacle, but the truth remains a mystery. People began to fear the Chupacabras, when the lack of blood was accompanied by the mutilation of dead animals found.

Although some of the people themselves have developed blurred vision, and videos of El Chupacabra, but are they for real or is faked video is a mystery in itself, because there are many people trying to semblance to those videos just for fame and wealth.

El Chupacabras is a real mystery, which should be revealed there are no convincing data about its originality.

The descriptions of this animal is very variable in the reports of eyewitnesses. It is most often described as reptiles, such as skin or feathers with large spikes on the back and head. It is often said to have large eyes, oval, black or red.

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