recording Interrogations Aliens In Area 51

At the end of 1996, public re-shocked by the leaking of video AREA 51,Alien Interviev most likely committed by "insiders". According to some sources, call it "Victor" (a pseudonym), an "insider" who argued that the U.S. government has a lot of documentation of activities of activities of Area 51 one form of documentation is obtained video of Alien who is undergoing examination in the form of an investigation by local authorities. according to his confession, Victor get a copy of the video from the original video recorder and recorded the most secret Area 51. Because anxiety is very great and he has never acknowledged as one of the workers in the area, and he also never explained in detail the actual copying of the video where it occurs.
He kept stressing that the video was obtained because of "data leakage" that occurs during the transfer of video documentation of mass, when converted from analog video to digital video.

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