Ghost vanishes after painting is returned

Sightings of a ghost at a 19th century mansion have stopped after an old painting was returned.
It is thought that the ghost and the painting are that of Mrs Bell who previously occupied the 15-bedroom mansion before her death in the early 1900s. Current owner Alan Smith has reported numerous sightings of a ghostly woman moving between the rooms of the building in the early hours of the morning. "She was usually wreathed in a blue haze and just drifted around – you couldn’t see her legs," he said. "Sometimes she would even arrive at the bottom of my bed in the middle of the night."

The pale Edwardian figure made frequent visits to the mansion home of Alan Smith, always accompanied by the music of Chopin, according to the startled souls who bore witness. Her interest in the house was a mystery – until the discovery of a long-lost painting that appeared to feature the very same person, sitting at a piano.

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