Hyderabad Kundanbhag

Kundanbhag is supposed to a nice posh area in Hyderabad. In a bunglow a family reside consisting of Mother & 2 daughters. Father left the family coz he knew all of them were MAD. They used 2 go to the garbage bin in there santro car daily which is just 2mins walk from there hose to throw it. St.Francis degree is college is located close by 2 this house. Hostels, temples all around. Bushes have grown longer then the doors. daily night all the members used to walk around the house with candles in hand & blood bottles. they used to spill blood drop by drop & used to walk take rounds of the house inside the compound. No1 works in the family. No1 earns. No newspapers. No cable connection. Only electricity they paid some 2--3years bill in advance. This is what people saw & concluded.
1 day a robber wanted 2 try his hand in that house. when he stepped in the house through the window he saw the dead bodies of the family laid on the bed. He got scared & informed the police. After investigations & medical checkups what was revealed took a shit out of the people around, the police & the entire city. THEY WERE DEAD 6MONTHS BEFORE. then who used 2 drive the car??? who used 2 walk around the house??? whose blood was it???
the house which was beautifully constructed from outside..was unpainted inside.it was totally brick. the hostel gals, the college gals there, the neighbors everybody SHELL SHOCKED!!
No1 knows the truth. 2day no1 dares to go to that place at nite. No1 is renovating the house. No1 is demolishing it either.
Its such a shock & was the talk of the town for quite some time in 2003. ONE OF THE HAUNTED HOUSES OF HYDERABAD

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