Is it possible to drill the earth until translucent human?

Of course not easy to answer that question. Now, it seems unlikely humans could drill the earth until translucent. Whether in the future, humans probably find more advanced technology in the field of drilling.

What is clear, throughout the globe has a diameter of 12 756 kilometers, or more than 12 million meters. So if people want to drill the earth until translucent, drill the necessary equipment of more than 12 million meters. Wow ..., very long.

In addition, the temperature at the earth's core is very hot. Earth's core consists of thick nickel freezing temperatures reach 1370 km and 4000 0C. Wow, very hot, huh? What tools bornya not melt at a temperature that high?

please see picture below

Deepest Drilling
Earth consists of four distinct layers. Geologists claim, since the Earth cooled 4.6 billion years ago, heavy material "sinks", while the lighter material to surface. Therefore, the earth crust is made is made of lightweight materials like granite. While part of the earth to contain heavy metals such as nickel and iron.

Earth's crust is the place we live. Underneath is the Mantle (mantle), a pasta shaped like a pulp material. The core of the earth is very hot and has a very high pressure. The human body would be crushed like a ball if it comes to the central core of the earth for a very high pressure.

Human drill the earth for various reasons. To research, search for oil, water, or other purposes. Mankind has managed to examine the earth's crust, but the core of the earth remains a mystery.

Oil drilling is usually "not in". At a depth of 6000 meters, oil was discovered. Deepest drilling ever undertaken in human beings is made Kola Peninsula, Russia. Drilling was started in 1970 and reached a depth of 12 262 meters in 1994. Drilling technique is not by turning the drill, but pressed a bit by bit, taking out the mud.

The purpose of drilling Kola Peninsula is 15 thousand meters. But to no avail. At that depth, the temperature can reach 300 degrees Celsius or even higher. Too hot to operate the drill in there.

Another drill deep enough done in the Caspian Sea. Reached a depth nearly as deep in the Kola Peninsula. In addition, there is drilling for research in the Bertha Rogers, Oklahoma, Texas, with a depth of 9583 meters.

On drilling in the Peninsula, can not find oil or natural sources. But scientists have succeeded in studying the composition of layers of the earth, including plate associated with earthquakes and the physical and chemical composition of the earth's core.

No man ever to do drilling from onshore. Humans also do drilling in the sea. Menririkan can drill in the sea base, commonly called the rig. Can also drill through the ship, such as ships' Joides Resolution. " Ships Joides Resolution has seven floors, the property of the Joint Oceanographic Institute engages in scientific research.
Well, humans have been able to drill into the earth as deep as more than 12 thousand meters. Whereas the diameter of the earth reaches 12 million meters. So, a new one than a thousand. Could humans one day be drilled to penetrate the earth?

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