Our Lady of Fatima and the Miracle of the Sun

The miracle was told by Lúcia Santos and her cousins, siblings Jacinta and Francisco Marto. in the area that it would arrive on the above date at noon who were given this information by Our Lady of Fatima, one claim that most newspapers claimed was ridiculous, however, people flocked to the area on the off chance that the miracle did occur.

According to tales of the time, Our Lady of Fatima came to the three children on May 1, 1917 telling the children that she was Our Lady of the Rosary, which is another name that Our Lady of Fatima goes by, as well as a combination of the two. The woman told the children of the coming events and urged them to go tell the others. It was believed that this was a sight of the holiest of those that people believed in and instantly many people believed the children. In order to illiterate the point, the children said that Our Lady of Fatima came to them every month up until the miracle occurred.

Our Lady of Fatima is the one that people believe to be involved in other miracles and warnings of the Miracle of the Sun. The most notable is that the Lady of Fatima gave a warning of the second war, by lighting up the sky in such a way that many people believed that there was a great fire going on and called the firefighters. A little over a month later, Hitler seized Austria. To this day the Lady of Fatima is viewed as one of those figures that if people have the opportunity to see, they are seeing a miracle.

The Miracle of the Sun is the most notable miracle of Our Lady of Fatima. During this time, people claimed that there was rain clouds and a torrential downpour occurred. The clothes of everyone standing there waiting for this miracle to occur was soaked and the ground seeping with moisture. Then, just as suddenly as the clouds had appeared, they rolled out suddenly and the Sun shown. However, it was the manner in which people reported the Sun that gave the occasion the title the Miracle of the Sun. Suddenly, everyone reported that their clothes became dry almost in an instant, while the moisture on the ground was no longer there. Other people reported that the Sun was making the entire area seem as if the colors of the rainbow danced along the ground and on the bodies of those standing there witnessing it happen. However, even other spectators reported that the Sun seemed to be moving as if it were dancing. Still, others, never reported seeing the Sun do anything differently than what it would normally do.

Those that were at the event believed that it was the end of the world since the Sun seemed to be getting closer and closer. After the event occurred, the number of people who had witnessed something were still amazed at what they had seen. Still, those that had been standing right with these people who reported seeing such actions, did not see a thing. There has been many speculations as to whether this was a true miracle or not. Some newspapers of the time claiming that it was a made up story to get people to believe that the children were lying and had never seen Our Lady of Fatima. Still, despite the criticism, people still believe that the Miracle of the Sun occurred.

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