10th ignored place is really spectacular

Soviet Underground Nuclear Submarine Base

Until the fall of the Soviet Union in 1991, Balaklava is the most secret cities in Russia. Located 10 km north of the Black Sea Coast Sevastapol, this small town is home to a nuclear submarine base. Almost the entire population of Balaklava was not able to visit the town of Balaklava without a reason and a clear identification. These bases remain operational after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1991 until 1993 when the decommissioning process started and the warheads and low-explosive torpedoes moved. Then in 1996, the last Russian submarine left the base, and now agan2 can visit this place with the help of a guide to surround Cannel System, Base and small museum, which is now stationed at the former weapons storage area deep inside the slope of the hill.

Staten Island Boat Graveyard

Off the coast of Staten Island, New York, lies a tomb for the benar2 kapal2 destroyed, damaged and neglected by a variety of sizes, ages, and levels of damage. Everything is constantly changing here; kapal2 new entrants and old kapal2 crushed or drowned in the mud around the harbor. Beauty here lies in the rust and decay of wood that is not touched, where weather and salt water to increase the level of damage, alter kapal2 past this be carved from the iron that comes from the wet grave.

NRL Satellite Facility

In the world of industrial archeology, this is very new. NRL Satellite Facility, 40-year-old - and has been abandoned. In mid-1960, Naval Research Laboratory to build a satellite communications facility at the former Nike missile control site (W-45). This facility contains a parabolic-dish antennas as high as 60 feet, transmitter, and low-noise receiving system. The facility is also equipped with satellite tracking, data processing, and communications modulation experiments. The installation was completed in 1967. This facility was used during the Vietnam War as part of a special operation called "Compass Link", established by the Defense Communications Agency to provide high-quality photographs from Vietnam targets to Washington DC. Compass Link was established by using two satellites DSCSI, provides two channels: Vietnam to Hawaii, and Hawaii to Maryland. Of Maryland, image 2 is transmitted by landline to Washington DC and the Pentagon. Compass Link used extensively until the end of the Vietnam War. This facility was discontinued use by the United States Government General Services Administration (GSA) and auctioned to the public in 1998 and later bought back by private investors in early 2000. The right to destroy and dismantle other structures auctioned on eBay on March 13, 2005 for $ 136.20. This building has been demolished and removed. What remained were two ruins, several storage tanks and concrete puing2.

Cincinnati Subway System abandoned

Location of underground tunnels which ignored the largest in America. Subway line was built and never used, no rails are installed and no trains are booked. No passengers have traveled through six stations that were built.

Stalin's Lost Railway

Built on the orders of Stalin in the area antahberantah - dipedalaman Northern Siberia between the city and Igarka Salekhard. The line was not connected with the railway systems of other Russian federal and purpose remains unclear, so that soon these lines are ignored and lines can only be accessed by using the helicopter.

California Aircraft Boneyards

Picture perfect location of the aircraft manufacturer West Coast, where the dry weather continuing barang2 perfect for storing such a large aircraft, outside. The famous place is not in California, but in the dry Arizona desert near the city of Tucson.

Battersea Power Station

Very popular because of this building is in the cover of Pink Floyd's album, entitled Animals. Battersea power station was designed by Gilbert Scott, who is also the architect of Bankside power station that later developed into the Tate Modern by Herzog and de Meuron. Battersea sophisticated architecture is not comparable with the release of resources. The developers are aggressively changing the control room art deco-style condominiums to the development padatahun 80s.

SFO abandoned

Ignored international terminal at San Francisco International Airport. This building was first opened in 1954 and renovated and converted into only for international flights in the early 80s. Closed since 2002 and secured from the public when the new terminal opened. There are still some lights on, but most of the disco era equipment and furniture had been lost.

Abandoned Island Fortress

Fort Alexander neglected above man-made island off the coast of St. Petersburg. Built in the 1800s, this castle has more than 100 guns that provide 360-degree defense. After the Crimean War, the fort was originally used as military warehouses before amended by the Soviet Union became the center of a dangerous plague research because it is far from the mainland. The fort is now abandoned and largely barang2 besi2nya interior was lost and had been merged for any other use. However, until recently, many visitors who come by boat (or snowmobile) is recommended to wear masks and rubber boots.

Excavation Soviet Giant Machine
Giant Soviet Excavation Machine
Mining Lopatino Phospate neglected. Located in the city Voskresensk (70 km from Moscow), this area is still famous for its fossil fields (and even dinosaur skeletons) from the Jurassic period.
This is what they call the heavy machinery in Soviet Russia. These giant excavation machinery used for farm-phosphorus eksplolitasi around Moscow and abandoned after the collapse of the USSR.

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