The World's Most Strange Phenomena "human combustion In a sudden"

One of the oddest phenomena in the world is spontaneous human combustion (commonly abbreviated as SHC). What is SHC? SHC who literally can mean "human combustion suddenly" is an event where a person's body was suddenly on fire while around him there was no fire or something like whole hog who started fires. What is more awkward, is often the victim's body could burn up so badly, but the things around him who lies so close even no damage seems completely untouched by fire. SHC phenomenon according to records can occur anywhere and at any time, whether in a crowd or when the victim was his own.

The study of the SHC was first considered by Jonas Dupont published in 1763 in a book entitled "De Humani Corporis Incendiis Spontaneis" which the contents of a collection of SHC cases in that period. Other scientists then began to study seriously about SHC & collect various kinds of SHC cases who happened to be researched further and found the cause. Quite surprising because there are phenomena SHC-been relatively much & it does not include cases of SHC are not publicly known who and who goes beyond them (they are generally limited to data collection in the western, mainly U.S.)

Here is a small part of the list who SHC phenomenon known (mostly located in the West because of where they originate ...):
  • Year 1731, a woman who is known as the Countess Cornelia Bandi of Cesena, Italy, was found dead due to fire in his bedroom floor. Just who is still wearing leg tights & portion of his head who left. The case was considered to be confusing because normally, in the case of home fires, burning the body member first joined the torso then caught fire, but in this case precisely charred bodies turned to ashes but left leg & head.
  • Dated August 27, 1938, Phyllis Newcombe & his fiancee Madge Knight had just left the ball in the middle of the night in Chelmsford. Suddenly Phyllis recycled dress - who are made of crinoline - burning great and he had to be transported to the hospital after had managed to take off her dress. Unfortunately, he died several hours later. Initial allegations, the incident was caused by a cigarette butt, but in fact a dress from the same material does not burn at all even burnt with cigarette butts smoldering. Another rarity, the fire should not burn for it unless there is a gasoline or oil is splashed at the time who
  • The late 1950s in London, a woman was dancing with her partner in a discotheque. Suddenly a woman's body is enveloped in flames and he died before the fire was successfully extinguished. Causes burning of the woman is still a mystery because according to the narrative of the witnesses, none smoking in discotheques at that time & no objects contain the fire like candles on the table.
  • October 1963, Olga Woth died burnt alive in the car. There was no smell of flammable objects such as oil smell & his own car who did not burn.
  • November 19, 1963 in Sussex, Madge Knight died from burns while it is sleeping alone in her room. This enigmatic, not smell flammable materials on site & the base of his bed was not burned.
  • Months of December 1966, Dr. John Irving Bentley was found burned in kamr bath. Just who left leg, while the goods in her bathroom a lot who are not touched by fire. This is one of the most famous cases of SHC.
  • Year 1980 in Chesire, England, Susan Motteshead who was cooking in the kitchen & fire-resistant pajamas. Suddenly flames appear a few seconds off his back, but the body & hair did not burn at all. When he was wearing pajamas who tried to be burned by firefighters who later arrived, pajamas that also can not burn. Susan herself survived & did not hurt at all (!).
  • (This case is not about the SHC, but related matter of the phenomenon of "who the mysterious fire ') In the book" Phenomena "superscript Michell and Robert Rickard Jonny, we are told that in the late 19th century there was a woman named Jennie Morgan of Missouri who has the ability special. Percikan sparks emerged from the woman into the goods in the vicinity. He is also known to make other people fainted when shaking hands with him (so remember Rogue in X-Men ...)

There are several hypotheses about the causes of SHC. One of the most popular hypothesis is professed as "wick effect" (wick effect). The essence of the hypothesis is that the victim was suddenly lost consciousness either because of a heart attack or too much drinking of alcohol. Nearby fire source, such as from cigarettes, then started to burn body fat victim by wearing of alcohol as fuel. This theory itself has weaknesses such as the fact that many victims were doing when the SHC activity actively happening & the fact that a small fire sources such as cigarette burns in fact difficult to the human body as if the victim managed to burn the skin, the source of the fire itself was extinguished. Especially with this theory, the fire will spread slowly, while in the case of SHC fire appeared suddenly and instantly.

Another hypothesis about the phenomenon that the victim died as a result of "irregularities" magentik field of the earth. The hypothesis states that some humans have the ability to "collect" the magnetic waves so that his body was suddenly on fire when waves collected high enough to form a fire - who is also one of the waveform. Supposing kuranglebih like a magnifying glass aggregate light & slowly starting to burn things in the focal point. This is supported by the fact that there is an increase of magnetic field intensity at some SHC phenomenon (see diagram). However, the idea about humans who can focus their own magnetic wave is still questionable.


There are still other hypotheses such as the SHC phenomenon who associate with one psychiatric condition. It is said that when someone is experiencing shock, oxygen and hydrogen in her body who will experience a further chain reaction caused an explosion from inside the cell. Some people even believe that SHC is a supernatural phenomenon derived from "something that is not visible and can not be felt by humans." One thing for sure, though there are many hypotheses about the phenomenon of SHC since, there has been no explanation of who can clearly explain the phenomenon of SHC.

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