Who is dajjal?

Dajjal is a man of Jewish descent. He's not a genie or apajua other creatures as human beings than he was suspended death "Minal Munzharin" as the Prophet 'Isa who host by Allah Almighty in the heavens and deferred to his death so he will go down initially on the face of this earth, then he would be dead and in buried in Madinah Al Munawwarah. Similarly with the devil who suspended his death so that Judgement.
Dajjal; father was an eminence and fat. Part of his nose like a bird. While the mother is also a fat woman and a lot of meat. Al litany MenurutImam no opinion says bahawa origin father was a descendant of Jews in Shaman identify with "syaqq" when his mother is from Jin nation. He lived in the time of the Prophet Sulayman and has relationships with supernatural beings. Then the Prophet Sulaiman he eventually was arrested and thrown into prison. However the birth and early life keciltidak prominently known.
His properties:
Ra Huzaifah Hadith he said: Messenger of Allah has said: Dajjal is the people who are blind eye to the left, a thick (long) hair and she has a heaven and hell. It is a heaven and hell also Syurganya is Hell (Hadith Sahih Muslim)
There are several characteristics of the Antichrist figure who is mentioned in the Hadith Rasulullahsaw, among others:
A young man who seems; Regulated Large and somewhat reddish; kerinting and thick hair. Visible from the rear as if the by-leafy branches.
And the most obvious sign once there are two:First: Blind left eye and look like a fruit raisins who wryly, when his right eye out tertonjol greenish sparkle like a star. So both of his eyes was cacat.Kedua: Written didahinya writing "Kafir (Kaf-Fa-Ra)". This paper can be read by every person of Islam, as there he was good at reading or not. At follow-Thabrani hadith, both of these signs manifest in himself the Antichrist after he confessed as Lord. As before, the second-last two tandayg is not in him.
Where he is now:
According to the authentic history of who who mentioned MLP book "Saheeh Muslim", bahawa Antichrist was already a form for some time. He was chained up on an island and awaited by an animal whose name "Al-Jassasah". There is a hadith about it .. (But too long to write .. you can read the hold of a book). Instead of this Hadith it is clear to us that the Antichrist was already there and he waited days to be allowed by God Almighty to get out and explore the surface of the earth where the "transit" that is adjacent to the East rather than in the West.
How long he will live after his appearance:
Dajjal will live after he told the congregation this cabarannya tee, for forty days' sake only. However, his first day is as good a year and the second day and third with the same month and day-to-day satuminggu tray again just like regular days. So overall the Antichrist makes libel and kerosakan it is 14 months and 14 days. In the Hadith narrated by Muslim there is mentioned:
We asked: "O Prophet! How long he will stay on this earth? The Prophet, replied: "He will live for forty days. Who like the first day of the year and the next day like a month and the third day like a week. Later on, who still live longer (ie 37 days) is the same as you go on regular days. Then we said: O Messenger of Allah! In the days long as a year who was, is it enough for us just simple daily prayer (specifically five times' sake only). The Prophet replied: Not quite. You should think of the day with who determines levels corresponding to every prayer .. "
Messenger Sabdaan mean, this is so we thought hours overdue on that day. Not follow the journey of the sun as usual kitalakukan. For example already passed seven hours after the dawn prayer on that Day will come in time Zohor prayer, then let us sembahyangZohor, and if she had passed away after three hours of prayer Zohor half for example, then go Asar time, then shall we pray Asar Maghrib Prayer That time onwards , Dawn Isyak and so on until exhausted day long who had the same length with the period of one year and any number of prayers in a day's numbers as much as we do who pray year. So was the second and third days.
Dajjal fitna:
Antichrist has been given the opportunity by God Almighty for this test them. By kerana that, God gives him some ability rara avis. Among the Antichrist capabilities are:
  • All the pleasures of life will be with him.
Frozen objects will mematuhinya.Sebelum arrival of Dajjal, the Islamic world will be tested first by God long dgnkemarau during three consecutive years. In the first year will be less rain than usual and a third in the second year will be approximately two thirds of the third year biasadan rain will not come down immediately. People will dilandakebuluran and drought. At that time the Antichrist will appear to bring the exam. So which area who believe the Antichrist was God, he will say on the cloud: rain you in this area! Then the rain came down and the earth becomes fertile. Uga Begituj economic, trading will be prosperous and stable org allied with the Antichrist. When people who do not mahu bersukutu with the Antichrist .. they will still be in kebuluran and distress.
And there are narrated backer Dajjal will have the mountain of bread (food), while someone that is not believed to be in starvation and kebuluran.
In this case, the Companions of Allah Rasullullah asked: "So what org-eaten by Islamic believers on that day, O Messenger of Allah?" The Prophet replied: "They will feel full with bertahlil, bertakbir, exalt, and repent. So-dhikr zikr that will replace the food. "Reported by Ibn Majah
  • There's heaven and hell with him for instance:
In between exams Antichrist is seen together with her is like heaven and hell and also the river water and river of fire. Antichrist will use this both to test the faith of Islam kerana org true nature of who is the opposite of what seems. What was actually said Nerakadan heaven at his word that Hell is heaven.
  • Deserving of State-State travel and which can not be enters:
Deserving of this intentional org does not exist on vehicles first. This is so-so Kalauhari we say it like propriety propriety fighter jets used by tentera who is more worthy of air or sehinggakan lagidaripada these vehicles for thousands of kilometers can ditempuhdalam an hour "... We asked: O Messenger! What about the propriety of this journey above the earth? The Prophet replied: "Deserving journey is like decency" Al Ghaist "(rain atauawan) who was beaten by strong winds." Reported by Muslim
However, the Antichrist still can not enter the two Muslim holy namely Bandar Al Mukarramah Makkah and Madinah Al Munawwarah.
  • Help satan-satan to consolidate its position:
What the devil will also bertungkus-lumus help the Antichrist. For the devil, here's a best time for misleading more crowded anymore children and grandchildren Adam

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