House Of Nightmares

Built in the 19th century, this Victorian Gothic building in ruins is the cornerstone of the quiet village of Bangs, Ohio. The solid brick building with several floors, briefly claimed the title of tallest building in the state of Ohio. Although not able to claim this title for some time, this building is still in contrast to some surrounding buildings on the strip - a group of houses on one floor and a couple of churches. This juxtaposition between the old building and the low surrounding landscape, rural place feels like a Stephen King novel.

The strange, disturbing the character of Knox County workhouse extends beyond just a feeling rampant. His property has changed several times, which is in the downward spiral of his state of decadence today. As the name suggests, the original purpose of this building to house the poor and needy in the county, and sparsely populated Knox in central Ohio. Later he was again seen as an infirmary, before being abandoned for the first several times in his history of neglect.

In the 20 Century Media Century, the Bible, the County of Knox College took over the operation of the old brick building and repair. The building was abandoned once more, however, when left to stand Bible Institute in Virginia. Since the building was inactive, its emptiness and ruin a reputation loss in the region. Capitalizing on this, a haunted house scene began operating the plant with the name "House of Nightmares." Although considerable work has been represented in construction kits, has paid little attention to maintenance. A partial collapse of the internal structure of 2006 the facility was finally closed to the public and the property passes to a private owner, who now holds the field.

For the curious and brave enough to come, this building is filled with relics of the intestine at all stages of its use. No previous tenant that is completely cleared. Medical equipment, including (but cheap) sets, paintings and more fill in all the dusty corridors.
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