Discovery Women corpse aged 500 Years

Aged Female Corpse Found 500 years with Clothing and Bags .. They are traditionally buried with their prized possession of goods to bring them to the afterlife. And for the mummies of women, his favorite items is her handbag. Korean woman's corpse, estimated to be 500 years old, was found with the best clothes and bags and ornaments.
Researchers at the Cultural Properties Seogyeong Research Institute in Seoul believe the woman was the wife of high-level government official during the Joseon Dynasty and died during the 16th century. Preliminary analysis of the crate where he was buried has demonstrated the character that shows she is a woman is important.The coffin was found in the industrial complex in Osan, Gyeonggi Province in South Korea. It originated from the Joseon Dynasty, who ruled between 1392 until 1910. Mummy outfit will help researchers in the study of how women's lives of the era.
Although usually associated with the mummies of ancient Egypt, mummification was common in Korea. Unlike the Egyptian mummy, in Korea the corpse was not intentionally used as a mummy. It is a phenomenon that occurs naturally from the way they were buried. During this dynasty, was buried high society by preventing the decay of the body.
They put the dead in hoegyeok, type of tomb, and the bodies buried on the double coffin and covered with a layer of lime mixed completely isolate the body from the water and air. 

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