5 Experiments Most horrible on the world

No.5 - Experimental Dermatology Holmesburg
From 1951 to the 1970s, experimental research dermatologists carried out against detainees from Holmesburg prison in Pennsylvania on behalf of Dow Chemical Company. Specifically, Dow employees have developed a bad skin condition called chloracne, and companies involved in the manufacture of Agent Orange to the military, wanted to know what causes this condition. Researchers deliberately injected to determine the causes of cancer from chemicals such as dioxins into the (mostly black) prisoners in order to determine the level of exposure and to better understand the health effects.
Sadistic Experiments

No.4 - Project MKULTRA
CIA Code of mind-control program named Project MKULTRA famous - inspired, apparently, by the Nazis - conducted in the 1950s and 1960s, and involves the use of many uninformed human test subjects from both the United States danKanada in an effort to learn more about the possibility of getting control over another person's mental awareness. Experiments involving the use of various chemicals, including LSD and drugs to change his mind, along with the lack of senses and, allegedly, verbal and sexual harassment. Several deaths occurred as a direct result of the program, and allegations - perhaps unfounded - survive to this day that the CIA continued to perform similar experiments.
Sadistic Experiments

No.3 - Willowbrook Hepatitis Experiments
Willowbrook State in New England, thousands of mentally disabled children are often used as unwitting test subjects for experiments. One experiment in particular in the 1960s especially cruel and ultimately contribute to closing the house and the establishment of new standards to protect children. Researcher Saul Krugman, trying to better understand hepatitis B and to develop a vaccine against it, deliberately inoculated with large numbers of people with the virus that caused the disease. While it is unusual for researchers to test the vaccine on residents (also not considered to be all that is not ethical), for the first injecting them with a target virus, making the patient population on whom to test the vaccine is another matter altogether.
Sadistic Experiments

No. 2 - Project Intake
During the 1970s and 1980s, the military in the apartheid era South Africa is compulsory for white males and homosexuality is a crime. Thus, anyone suspected of homosexual soldiers were selected and subject to the theory that through the reluctance of electroconvulsive therapy and other methods, homosexuality can be cured. In an attempt to prove the theory, inhumane experiments conducted on soldiers at the "ward 22" which includes the famous electric shock therapy, castration and forced sex-change surgery.
Sadistic Experiments

No.1 - Tuskegee Experiments
In an effort to determine, by autopsy, in 1932, researchers from the U.S. Public Health Service and the Tuskegee Institute began the experiment at approximately 400 black men from Alabama who sifilis.Orang-infected people are unaware that they have this disease, and although the arrival of penicillin in 1947, they did not receive treatment for the disease. Instead, they were given free meals, free health check-ups, and free burial insurance. Having never been told they had syphilis, people go to try out, infecting sexual partners along the way, with many people died from the disease. The experiment lasted for four decades.
Sadistic Experiments

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