Paul the Octopus Dead Before the World Cup Final 
Paul the octopus, sea creature who correctly predicted the results of matches in the 2010 World Cup turned out to be dead a long time. At least that is claimed by a Chinese filmmaker Xiao Jiang as saying that Paul did not die on Tuesday, October 26, 2010.

According to Xiao, Paul died since three months ago. Exactly two days before the 2010 World Cup final was held. Paul had seen the world, said Xiao, a different octopus that acts as a substitute.

As reported by Yahoo Xtra, Xiao sure to 60-70 percent if Paul's death occurred last July. No one is aware of this because, according to Shaw all look the same octopus.

Xiao statement coincided with the release of a new film made. The title was not far from the issue that is thrown is, "Who killed Paul the octopus?"

The film tells about the life behind the magic of the octopus. Xiao also confident that the staff at the aquarium Sea Life Center in Oberhausen, Germany, (residence Paul) feared that this fact later revealed.

But the staff has dismissed these allegations. They remained at the beginning of the revelation of who called Paul to death with a reasonable way. 

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