10 World Best Modern Adventure

1.Sir Ranulph Fiennes

In 1979, Sir Ranulph Fiennes with teammate Oliver Shepard and Charlie Burton as the first man to circumnavigate the globe over both poles. Travel is very heavy as far as 110,000 miles or about 200,000 km to get to the place with the most extreme conditions. Is called extreme because of the conditions 'normal' temperatures in the polar regions only reached -50 o C (minus fifty degrees Celsius. Just for comparison, the average temperature in Indonesia is 30 oC. Of course you still remember basic physics lesson that water freezes at a temperature 0 oC. But that's not how. For when the storm is usually accompanied by high winds, temperatures at the poles could drop to-84o C or more.

In 1984, he recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records.persimpangan Antarctica and find the lost city of Ubar in Oman, which had been buried in the sand for nearly 2000 years.

on 20 May 2009, at age 65 he successfully reached the top of Everest and listed himself as the oldest man to reach the top of Mount Everest successfully.

2.Mike Horn

In 1999, the modern South African adventurer Mike Horn is set to circumnavigate the globe along the equator without the use of motor vehicles. Latitude Zero expedition that began in Gabon, from the Horn who crossed the Atlantic Ocean in the eight-meter trimaran. He traversed South America and Africa at the foot of the mountain bike. Since completing Latitude Zero expedition, Horn has reached the North Pole on foot and climbed two peaks 8,000 meters. Currently, he led the Pangaea Expedition, a four-year expedition around the world young people who intended to enhance environmental protection and conservation of natural resources.

3.Dr. Bertrand Piccard

Dr. Bertrand Piccard (born March 1, 1958, age 51 years) is a psychiatrist and balloonists Swiss.Ia origin born in Lausanne, canton Vaud. His grandfather Auguste Piccard and his father, Jacques Piccard, known as the balloonists and inventors.

Growing up in a family of balloonists and seabed explorers, Bertrand was always fascinated with flight. As children, he was taken to the launch of several spacecraft from Cape Canaveral. He became a hang-glider pilot and have an interest in ultra-light aircraft flight, also a record of gas balloons printed by his grandfather.

He is a lecturer and supervisor of the Swiss Society for Medical Hypnosis.
March 1, 1999 Piccard and Brian Jones took off with the balloon Breitling Orbiter 3 from Ch√Ęteau d'Oex in Switzerland in sirkumnavigasi first balloon non-stop around the world. They landed in Egypt after the flight as far as 45,755 miles for 19 days, 21 hours and 47 minutes. Upon this success, he received awards including the Harmon Trophy, the FAI Gold Air Medal and Charles Green Salver.

In 2004, he announced a project with the Ecole Polytechnique bekerjasam federales de Lausanne (EPFL), for a solar-powered glider aircraft, long distance, and a single seater named Solar Impulse. The project is dubbed as "the greatest human adventure." Piccard plans to make it in 2007, and did a short test flight in 2008. He received financial and technical support from several European firms, so that seems to Solar Impulse is a European plane, not the Swiss, although knowledge support provided by EPFL. The plan was to circumnavigate the globe with some reserve pilot, flying above the clouds in the daytime and at low altitude at night at a time in 2011.

4.Ed Viesturs

Ed Viesturs, a high-altitude mountaineer, do not be afraid to not make the summit. In the first attempt to climb Mount Everest summit, he turned only about 300 feet short of the above, because the conditions are not ideal. Viesturs has a motto: "Getting to the top is optional, getting to the bottom is mandatory." It's he who has a reputation as the most cautious climber. However, he had saved his life more than once and did not prevent him to achieve that goal. In 2005, Viesturs became the first American man and became the 14th of the world reached peak 8000 meters.

5.John Goddard

The true adventurer John Goddard; at age 15, he made a list of 127 adventure challenge and spend their entire life examined one by one. Until now, that has been achieved Goddard 109 items from the original list plus more than 500 additional items added he. List the item as covering diverse as Mount Kilimanjaro climb, ride an ostrich and appeared in the movie Tarzan. In this process, he has accumulated the world's few civil records as a pilot jet. Goddard of achievement that includes the entire length of excavated from the river Nile and Congo, the return step-Marco Polo and Alexander the Great, dove the Great Barrier Reef, learned to fance, and witnessed a cremation ceremony in Bali. (Whew mayan nih also become one of Bali one goal, hehehe).

6.Tudor Parfitt

Dubbed "the real Indiana Jones," He started petualngannya in the 1980's when he met with members of the tribe Sheet, a tribe in southern Africa are believed to have offspring for the Jews of ancient Israel. Sheet Parfitt said the story of "ngoma" - wooden containers used to store sacred objects. Parfitt soon came to believe that the object may be lost Ark of the covenant. He began under Zedekiah Caves of Jerusalem. To explain the term in the Indiana Jones, the red line on the map left Jerusalem to Jordan, then to Yemen, which extends into Egypt, Ethiopia, and landed in Zimbabwe. His work is the principal 2008 documentary and a book.

7.Benedict Allen

Benedict Allen planned an expedition from the Orinoco River to the mouth of the Amazon, Allen developed a plan that he would do it all for future trips: Instead of relying on sponsors, so he immersed himself in protecting the environment and indigenous peoples in the hope that they will help him in his journey. Allen finally did cross the Orinoco with local community groups, but in the process he caught two types of malaria, has been invaded by gold miners and have to eat their own dog to survive.

Allen is the author of seven adventure travelogues, and have some documentary about his journey. The first one, The Raiders of the Lost Lake, follows his journey through the Peruvian jungles to find "wild lake" home "super snake."

8.Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper

both aged 21 years, In 2008, the National Geographic Society gave the name "Adventure of the Year" by completing the journey as far as 22,000 miles from magnetic North to the South Magnetic Poles. They are only human and natural forces to achieve this accomplishment, through Greenland dogsledding, cycling through the United States and sailed to the Antarctic. On top of the fact that the expedition has never been attempted by anyone before, never existed before people who sail or dogsledding experience. He is Rob Gauntlett and James Hooper. The couple had just climbed Mount Everest without having previous experience rises, picking up as their skills go.
Gauntlett died while ice climbing in the French Alps in January 2009.

9.Jason Lewis

Jason Lewis is an adventurer from the UK, in 1994 he shared with his friend steve smith trying to circumnavigate the globe using only human power without the help of mesin.namun five years later steve smith left the adventure in Hawaii in 1998 to pursue other interests when they tried to cross the Pacific from San Francisco to Australia while jason lewis continue his adventures, he crossed the 5 continents, 2 oceans and seas.

To begin his adventure, he first bike ride as far as 3,000 kilometers from Turkey via Bulgaria, Romania, Austria, and Germany until Oostend in Belgium, where boats are waiting.

During the voyage around the world, he sank in the North Atlantic Ocean, suffered fractures both legs, chased by crocodiles in Australia, and was arrested on charges of spying in Egypt and carries a penalty of 40 years in prison.

Lewis, who berewokan and looked tired, crossed the Greenwich Meridian line at the Royal Observatory by carrying his boat. He was assisted by his supporters and fans.

10.Tom Avery

At 27, Tom Avery became the United Kingdom termudaa who reached the South Pole on foot. into the spotlight of his career in 2005, when he set out to repeat the expedition ever undertaken in 1909 Robert Peary to the North Pole. Peary expedition became a controversial subject because within 37 days, Peary succeeded in crossing 413 nautical miles in the arctic, it is considered impossible because of too cepat.Dilengkapi with dogsleds timber similar to that used in 1909 and Peary's journal, Avery tried to confirm his ascent. In the end, he and his team managed to reach the Pole in 36 days, 22 hours and 11 minutes, a full five hours faster than Peary.

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