China Operate the World's Fastest Train

The Chinese government today began operating two units of the latest super-fast trains. Bullet train is claimed as the fastest in the world.

According to news agency Associated Press, the Chinese government said the cart was built with domestic technology. The train was first served Shanghai-Hangzhou route.

The train is capable of driving CRH380 type nearly 420 km per hour. But the service manager only tolerate a maximum speed of 350 km per hour.

Nevertheless, this train still broke the world record since surpassed the speed of a train that has been made a fellow of China, namely CRH2, the speed 250 km per hour.

Railway Ministry spokesman Wang Yongping, said the technology, designs and devices are the property of CRH380 China. However, he acknowledged that this super-fast train program initiated in cooperation with Japan and other countries.

"Now other countries want to cooperate. They all want our technology, "said Wang.

One of the high-speed rail development is the largest Beijing-Shanghai route, which costs up to U.S. $ 32.5 billion. Pathway that will save travel time up to five hours of this plan will be open from 2012.

Railway transportation development program is one of China's achievement in the pursuit of targets 13,000 kilometers of high speed railway in 2012. Efforts to develop high-speed train technology is a program in conjunction with efforts to improve China's space technology that aims to boost national pride.

In fact, China plans to make the technology train with a speed of 500 km per hour.

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