Detection of Personality Through Mobile Phone Number 
According to numerology expert, a combination of numbers that one phone number can lead a person to death. Just like when telescoped personality according to horoscope, you can also see it through numerology.

According to numerology expert from India, Dr. Seema Midha, as quoted by the Times of India, be very careful in selecting the ten digit mobile phone. That's because cell phone numbers have a significant effect on energy distribution.

With the right number you could create a balance when energy excess or shortage. Here's a picture of personality and a tendency by many repeat numbers in the phone number.

Many of the numbers 1person cell phone number there is a lot of numbers one tends to like to talk. This could damage the relationship with superiors and derail his career.

Many of number 2To the owner of the phone number there is lots of number two, tend to have high expectations of a relationship. They are too easily offended. 

Many number 3Too many numbers on the number three mobile phone to make people more creative. But will the negative side they tend to neglect the family.

Many number 4Many figures in the number four mobile phone will make you become a who like to analyze but to excess.

Many number 5If there is a lot number five on the cell phone number, you can fail in establishing a balance between personal life and work.

Many point 6Six is the number of Venus. Thus, the number six brings a lot of opportunities to you. But you will find it difficult to adapt.

Many of the number 7 many repetitions the number seven on the phone can make you experience an unstable love life.

Many point 8 If there is a lot number eight, could make you too quick to give judgments without seeing the whole situation.

Many of the number 9

The positive effects of the number of nine digits on your cell phone number to make full devotion. But this makes one ignore her own.  

* To improve the careerSelecting your phone number with the right combination can also increase career. If you are targeting academic achievement, the input number 4, 9, and 2 in the cell phone number. If you want to increase the creativity of the input numbers 1, 3 and 9.

Then for those working in the fields of politics, make sure there are numbers 4, 3 and 8 in the cell phone number. Dr. Seema also advised the athletes to enter 2, 7, and 6 in their mobile number.

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