Mystery of " Lengser Wengi " the song to called kuntilanak ghost

Unsolved mystery - The way calling jaelangkung, there is also a way of calling kuntilanak. And how to call kuntilanak is with melatunkan a Javanese song. Not the same as jaelangkung way calling, which can be done by anyone, it is different with kuntilanak.

How to call kuntilanak can only be done by someone who has the ability to "more" than the average person. This capability is not yet certain how to get it because there is some myth that this ability obtained from the ancestors or descendants, and still others say it is coincidence or she was the one factor that was chosen without any cause.

If the caller java kuntilanak song is sung, will make the victim a nosebleed, after that the "penembang" will vomit maggot (a type of caterpillar that feed on corpses or organs that have been rotten), and the victim a nosebleed after that eventually the victim will die horribly with the head twisted. The same ritual is said to occur when the song is sung Java, singing - nosebleeds - maggots - die horribly.
This is the lyric of song 
"Lingsir wengi sliramu tumeking sirno
Ojo Tangi nggonmu guling
awas jo ngetoro
aku lagi bang wingo wingo
jin setan kang tak utusi
jin setan kang tak utusi
dadyo sebarang
Wojo lelayu sebet..."

u can download this song from google just type " lingsir wengi "

Friendly spirits or here with kuntilanak, refers to someone who tie of friendship with the spirits or kuntilanak. In this case maintaining kuntilanak goal is to get something whether it be revenge, get pesugian which is closely related to how "smooth" the business or business that is being undertaken.

Friendship with this fine creature also known as saka Those who are friends with these spirits need to comply with certain conditions such as exist are requesting the food offerings, there is a need to burn incense every time, and there is no requirement to wear anything, or to perform rituals particular.

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