Mysteries Corpse in England

On August 24, 2008, in the town of Kingston, England, exhibited a mysterious corpse. The bodies came from animals that are not known and the British Society dubbed "Little Doug".

The corpse was perfectly preserved and exhibited at Hull's Maritime Museum. Scientists are scratching their heads to see weirdness in the body. Shape of his head like a horse, but his body is completely different. Even more strange is that he has just like human palms.

Unfortunately, the source of the discovery of the corpse was never widely publicized, causing speculation that the bodies were hoaxes. Maybe one day that information will be widely publicized.

Seeing the corpse, I am reminded of a legendary creature that including into a row of hall of fame Kriptozologi, a creature that terrorized the New Jersey -18th century until the 20th century, namely JERSEY DEVIL.

See the resemblance?

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One Response to Mysteries Corpse in England

  1. after a close a look at the picture and reading the stories of the jersey devil i to belive that is the jersey devil.


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