Mister-Mystery of the World's Most Mysterious

Various phenomena in the world to create extraordinary mystery that many weird and feels weird. at Mysteries Unsolved Story today many article talk about the Mystery in our daily lives. therefore refer to the following is a glimpse of the Mysteries Unsolved Story to your admirers mystery

In Indonesia alone mystery, superstition and myths legend has become part of life and culture is very thick felt. About the truth? Not a single man's scientific knowledge that can solve this with a satisfactory answer, all to restore it .. the world's biggest mysteries namely God himself.

One of my favorite science sites www.livescience.com, collect a variety of situations and conditions of the phenomenal world. Some of them are:

1. The Taos Hum

Community and visitors in a small town in New Mexico, Taos, over the years feel the noise and astonishment of the low-frequency hum in the desert air. Janggalnya only 2% of Taos residents who reported it. Some believe it is caused by unusual acoustics, some people are suspicious of the mass hysteria of something secret and terrible. There is no single human being who can find the source of the hum ..


2. Si Kaki Raksasa - Bigfoot 


For decades, giant hairy, like a human monster named Bigfoot widely reported presence in the Americas. Despite the thousands of Bigfoot must exist to seek food, none of the bodies were found. Carcass or body of persons from hunting, collisions or died naturally, also has not been found. Some pictures of their giant footprints in the news a lot. This mystery unsolved until now.


intuisi 3. Intuisi
We can say this as a "sixth sense", (click here to learn more about the six senses in Mysteries Unsolved Story) feelings, or anything else. Sometimes we feel an intuition from time to time. Of course many of the "feeling" that culprit, but it sometimes feels right. Scientists and psychologists note that people subconsciously carry information about the life around us, which brought us feel to know something but we do not know the actual conditions or events, or why we know it. Intuition is very difficult to prove and learn, and psychology is the only science can answer.

4. Humans lost for various reasons

Humans lost for various reasons. Most are runaways or have been killed, but some can be found. But not with the human loss is mysteriously starting from the crew of Marie Celeste to Jimmy Hoffa, Amelia Earhart, and Natalee Holloway, some people disappear without a trace. And their search until now still not getting the results .. where ya gone?

5. Ghost

Since before many of us who are afraid of this, their appearance even to the beliefs of their existence is still a question mark. Are there ghosts around us? Can they be proven scientifically? Each country has different culture with other countries certainly have a different ghost story. For example ghost vampire, of Dracula, warewolf America did not exist in Indonesia to the contrary has Kuntilanak, Gendoruwo, wewe Gombel and others. Ghost is a mystery that still part of our lives. It is expected that someday there is a ghost investigator who can prove that the dead can communicate with the living and the answer to this mystery.

6. Deja Vu

deja vuThis comes from the French phrase meaning "already seen", refers to a mysterious experience and feelings about the place, circumstances and an atmosphere where we seemed to have. For example, suppose you are in a foreign country you've never visited, but you feel so close and never see the atmosphere and the environment within the village. Some believe that deja vu is the experience people have ever experienced in a previous life. As with intuition, research on human psychology can offer a more natural response, but this phenomenon remains a mystery ..

7. UFO (Unidentified Flying Objects)

alienUnidentified foreign objects, or UFOs no doubt there. Many people are already seeing, photographing and taking video of his. Several witnesses saw the object in the sky something that looks strange, some even having never met face to face experience with the figure of aliens that appeared to come from outside the earth. Where did they originate? Are they able to communicate with humans? It is still a mystery as the mystery of the Ghost and the phenomenon of other foreign creatures.

8. Life After Death and Near Death Experiences

People who never dying, coma or near death experience sometimes reported as entered into the tunnel, saw the light, reunite with their dead, or feel suasanya a peaceful, serene and strangely, there has been no other sebagainya.Tapi exact same story with each other . The skeptics feel that this experience of hallucinations caused by traumatic conditions in the human brain. Until now no one can explain it properly and scientifically.

9. Supernatural strength, and ESP (Extra-Sensory Perception)

Paranormal is everywhere around the world, in Indonesia, their presence can be felt accepted and taken for granted naturally. Psychic abilities and ESP are part of the world of unsolved mysteries. The proof is sometimes too far-fetched based on human trust to a greater force in this world. Science has not been able to solve this clearly, but its existence should not be denied by us. Especially for our Indonesian who is very religious and still bring the eastern culture is full of mystery.

n misteri.

10. Body and brain Contact

Science in medicine is the only one who can begin to explain how the mind can affect the body. Effect Placebo as an example demonstrating about some people who can come back healthy and recover from illness or in fact even the sick and suffering simply because they believe that it will happen. But medical and scientific evidence is very weak, because our bodies have amazing abilities in the healing capabilities exceed even the most sophisticated drug.
Mysteries and the above phenomena illustrates that people still too young to say that this world has known in depth. Various research efforts and the search is still underway. Until when are ya? It also remains mysterious.

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