Fish Weird Modified Genetic!

Genetic engineering is a series of techniques to isolate, modify, copy and recombining genes from organisms different. According to scientists in molecular biology, Mae Wan Hoo, in his book, this technique allows transfer of genes between different species that can not be mutually kimpoi naturally, for example genes of fish put in tomatoes and human genes transferred to the sheep.

The technology is designed to break the barriers between species and weaken the defense mechanism of species. Genetic engineering of plants and animals began in the mid-1970s that triggered the discovery of several technical keys in molecular genetics.

Fish mutant is the result of research, a Professor at the University of Rhode Island, Mr. Terry Bradley. By modifying the genetic trout, mutant has a muscle mass between 15-20% higher than the fish standard.

Connect again to the fish mutants that, as for the study of them by blocking myostatin, a protein that slows growth. They injected the thousands of eggs trout with various types of DNA that inhibit workrate myostatin.

The positive effects of the results of this research is commercially, with the result of fish meat more, but without increasing the cost of fish feed.

America is very diligent research on transgenic plants, from plants until the animal. It's a commercial, the product of transgenic very profitable. However, in health, remains a question mark if it is safe to consume products GMO? Agan still remember it as the case of soybeans imported from the USA which was the soybean transgenic?

Sure, as long as there has been no scientific reports in Indonesia that prove about the dangers of the product GM, in addition to the reaction allergenic (this product has been withdrawn from the market). Thus, until now, the products GM is still suitable for consumption. However, it is recognized that the publicity about the risks of food products GM on humans, is still very small. Though perhaps true negative impact of consumption of products transgenic been a lot happening in the community just is not much data to prove it.

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