Mulyono "Warts Man" from Temanggung - Indonesia

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  • manusia kutilMore and more people are suffering from strange diseases in this world. As experienced Mulyono (46) villagers Kedungkumpul Kandangan District, County Waterford, Central Java. He was suffering from wart disease who meet her. Despite repeatedly attempted through medical or non medical cure still the disease will not go away.

  • Fortunately, though his body full of warts she consoled by his wife, Romidah (41) who was always loyal to his side. From the disease also Mulyono difficulty getting jobs, and is currently working odd jobs. "His name is Mas Mulyono, she suffered from diseases that grow warts all over his body," explained Mariono which is none other than the local village chief.

    Mariono, identifies if it has been repeatedly made against self-medication Mulyono. However, there are no signs of the disease will be cured. "It seems like often times brought medicine and hospitals, but no results," he continued.
    We met journalists Mulyono body seemed filled with many bumps are almost evenly from head to foot. Berfvariasi Ukuranya some small like moles, there is also a great almost like guava fruit. Ie at the back of the head neck and his back covered with hair on the left. "Yes this is my life, at home this reot," explained 57-year-old man was opening the conversation.
    He then tells the beginning of the disease menginggapi himself. The incident started when he worked as coolies building in Bandung, West Java. After returning home a lump appeared on her body. However, because it is still small and can not find the pain she was then admitted membiakannya.
    Who knew that a lump which was initially mistaken for warts are starting to grow bigger and spread to all parts of his body. "Until the end like this, my body is full of bumps, if it sometimes feels sick too," said the man who has not been blessed with this child.
    The disease has been felt for more than 15 years. He admitted that he had repeatedly tried to get treatment. However, never fruitless. In fact, he said if the examining physician can not diagnose such bizarre diseases. Thus, he confessed to switch to alternative treatment. But the result was also nil. Tens or even hundreds of failed attempts was also desperate to make time to try.
    He claimed his wife was always mensuport to keep trying. Because, he said God would not have turned a blind eye to him that want to try. "Effort and continued effort, that's what my wife," he explained. (vie / mus / rase)

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