Bloody Mary ....

Bloody mary one of unsolved mysteries in usa ...

1) Bloody Mary's legend of America, namely a woman, Mary Whirnington who reportedly died in front of the mirror. some also say that the dead were killed in cold blood by his girlfriend or his date. some consider it a witch. Mary's spirits, trapped in a mirror so that he could not go out unless there is someone who opens the way for too long and trapped inside the mirror, his soul became angry, empty and can do things beyond the pale of humanity.

2) Bloody Mary or Mary Tudor, Queen of England, the son of King Henry the 8th and Catherine of Aragon. when she became Queen Mary of England. she killed 100 Protestant leaders, now therefore dijulukin "Bloody Mary".

3) there was a small boy named mary, she was hit by a gan. hold a coma tuh, fitting the same hospital doctors already practically dead. when masi coma. then in the grave so gan idup2. nah tuh each malem someone shouted from the grave. orang2 on g only believe. yes finally he died there and haunts gan. ane tp masi confused what to do the same in the mirror
how to make munculinya is standing in front of the glass in the dark (usually in the bathroom) and repeat her name three times. ato gan not he turn on the candle, if already appear directly inflatable candles (yes boar guard already rich) went tuh nah Myspace.

4) One day, there are girls mary nmanya Sodara lived in the castle with the same half-girl and her boyfriend (boyfriendnya). mary same nah tuh Sodara stepmother hated each other. then the mary nyrui kimpoinya ring, his furious automatic tuh Sodara stepmother. nah Sodara stepmother sent Guards so gan make nyari the mary. ketangkep already fitted together Sodara stepmother brought to court the girl's boyfriend's stepmother .. them again in the fireplace so, the girl's stepfather Sodara kimpoinya took my ring again, and hold the marynya in the push to the fireplace. die deh

This deh how:
1) go to the bathroom
2) Turn off the lights
3) turn on the water gan
4) "say the name of" bloody mary "3 times
5) then close your eyes ... deh liat there is not in the glass bathroom agan? hehehe
6) if failed till five ways, try muter2 (circles) three times, and see what happens

gan of origin should not try first! Dolo read this! Myspace nyesel loh

1) there is a story that said the Bmary it nanyain prtanyaan three times, and if agan2 wrong one and two questions answered, so he does get hurt. if already three times going to die gan. -_-

2) we want to try calling, the tp for fear of eventually not so. so I and three friends into the bathroom Turn off the candle. tp fit in the mirror already dimatiin masi candle flame.

3) there is my friend Cassie same name susan. Sharon's friend whose name they call her mary nantangin make it loh hehe. nah they tried fitting apa2 g events. they finally come home. Sharon then he's fit again to take a bath tub ngisi. fitting back into the bathroom again blood water water. Sharon's time to sleep up there amlem2 da rich Seeing the way so the stairs with a knife abwa. fitting the next day mama Sharon Sharon Seeing the dead there are cuts on her face so and there nancep knife in his stomach.

4) about two weeks ago, I heard about Bmarry. g pertama2 I believe, well I tried to make this interest. dirumahku nginep martjin and joey. Unfortunately, I never profit calling nantangin b-Marry and finally we ngelakuin it. we do not have the answer and we do not have apa2. but tiba2 doors locked. so g can go to the bathroom. nah I'll be nyoba2 way tuh open the door, finally fitting already there apa2 kebuka g. then turn on the lights. Seeing behind the curtain fitting my friends already fallen covered with blood. there are scratches on his face the very deep

This is a true story that happened to me meri ... one night when bonyok longer go, my brother nantangin me to perform rituals and try bangkitin meri meri. I do not believe if it is real .. so I do aja, because thought could be the laughingstock of the future .. I go to the bathroom, Turn off the lights, walk round seven times while mangil2 meri meri meri in every round ... then I berenti and facing the glass. waiting in silence to see what happens ...

when I want to leave the loo, I heard a woman singing ... I slowly turned my body is facing the mirror and I see it. doi have a blackish-brown hair that long ... dibalur blood around her neck looks like there was sliced in the throat. I shouted. but when my brother pounded on the door and unlocked the door, meri increasingly angry. doi smiled and went out from the glass with one hand and slapped berluluran blood and scratched my face just to the right. I felt a fingernail scratch time and I fell floor, my head hit the side of the bathtub and automated pengsan.

when I woke up, I was in rs with a bandage across the right side of my face ... my brother whispered to me to apologize to me, so I can forgive him. My bonyok also exist here. when I opened my eyes, they langsgung I pulled over to the bed. I know that my brother told me to lie with one of my cats clawing peloharaan me. and they believe it

on the same night, there is a call from my aunt. my uncle died at the same hour when I was attacked meri. I know it can be a strange fact naun I believe that the meri who has membunu uncle. of all the stories that I heard, meri just going to attack us, and not the people we care about. ak no matter degan story. I think meri who killed my uncle

its been a year incidence nyang ago and to this day, I can not asih elihat with my right eye which was attacked wakt meri ... and permanently damaged my face ... do not exist attempt to call yan gpernah meri

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