Axolotl, Unique Legged Fish from Mexico!

Axolotl (Ambystoma mexicanum) is a type of salamander that spends its life in the form of larvae. This unique nan exotic animals sometimes referred to as "Mexican Walking Fish" because he looks like a fish that has hands and feet. However, the Axolotl is not actually a type of fish, but rare type of salamander found in Mexico City. Axolotl length can reach 30 cm, but the average size of only 15 cm. Their body color average black or brown, and many also kepirangan albino with such a funny color pink. They have gills that are outside his body. Gill is looking stands beside his head so that a cursory look like horns. Eastern people often creates a fantasy that is attached to a legend about the dragon so that not infrequently they are also called dragon fish.

Axolotl including lizards that have longevity, Axolotl can live up to 10-15 years and can grow up to 60cm, even once caught a giant Axolotl tails in the interior of Mexico, which has size up to 1.4 meters, the discovery was a complete surprise, but after the carefully by the experts it is only a rare abnormal condition (gigantism)

Axolotl always live in the water and likes to eat small fish, worms, and larvae. These animals sometimes appear on the surface of the water, but there is also a mature and grow ahead of never arise on the surface of the water and just stay in the bottom of the lake during his lifetime. Salamander salamander species are classified as dangerous in the salamander species, because it can give off toxic salt from his mouth, but if the glans in the waste correctly, then these animals can make a cute pet.

Axolotl's name is taken from the Aztec language means water dog. Axolotl is still close to the tiger salamander cousins. Interestingly, these animals metamorphose only if the state was forced, forced, in this case is if they live where the water source dries up, the Axolotl can bermetarmorfosis to the form of land and water if there is already back then Axolotl can return to form water. Land forms of the axolotl is similar to the form of larvae, with the difference that disappeared gills, a tail that is more compressed and eyes that look outstanding. The presence of the hormone known to trigger tertenu bermetamrofosis axolotl into a form of terrestrial reptiles. Besides the addition of small amounts of iodine into the water can also trigger the same thing.

He can regrow limbs, tusks, skin, organs, and parts of the brain and spinal cord injured.
Some other animals have the ability to regenerate, but only mexico salamanders that can regrow body parts so much different in their lifetime.

Axolotl can be found in Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in Mexico. Later, their population is threatened due to development carried out on the lake who was to prevent seasonal flooding, so the amount of water in the lake to shrink and their habitat disturbed. The inclusion of other regions ikan2 man who introduced jg causing populations to shrink. Total axolotl in nature is unknown. But the population is expected to decline from around 1500 per square mile in 1998 to only 25 per square mile this year, according to research scientists Zambrano using nets. Long Enterprises International Union for Conservation of Nature enter axolotl in its annual Red List as endangered. They say these animals could disappear within five years.

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