Amityville Ghost House

In December 1975, George and Kathleen and their children moved into a house at 112 Ocean Avenue, a large Dutch Colonial house in Amityville, a suburban neighborhood located on the south shore of Long Island, New York.
Thirteen months before the Lutz family moved in, Ronald DeFeo, Jr.., Previous owners, had shot dead six members of his family in the house. After 28 days Lutz family lived in the house, they begin to experience strange things with the house.
This section is based book written by Jay Anson, 1977, The Amityville Horror - A True Story.
Jay Anson (1921-1980), author of The Amityville Horror is
112-numbered houses on Ocean Avenue remained empty for 13 months after the DeFeo murders, until the December 1975 Lutz family bought
the house was worth $ 80,000. The house has six bedrooms was built with the Dutch colonial style, and has a gambrel roof. The house is equipped with swimming pool and a house boat storage. George and Kathy were married in July 1975 and had their own homes, but want to start afresh with a new home. Kathy has three children from previous marriages, Daniel (9), Christopher (7), and Melissa aka Missy (5). They also have a Labrador retriever named Harry. During checking them when going to buy that house, by their agents have been advised of that conducted by the DeFeo murders, but they thought it was not a problem.
Lutz family moved into the house on December 18, 1975. Most of the DeFeo family furniture was still there, because everything is included in the deal. A friend of George Lutz has been learned about the past history of the house, and urged them to do the blessing. But they did not understand his ways. George knew a Catholic priest named Father of Ray, and he was willing to do the blessing. (In Anson's book is mentioned the name of the Reverend Father Mancuso. This is done to maintain the privacy of the Reverend's real name was Father Ralph J. Pecoraro).
Father Mancuso is a lawyer, a Catholic priest and a psychotherapist who lives in the Sacred Heart Rectory. He arrived to carry out the blessing in the evening of December 18, 1975 while George and Kathy were unpacking their belongings. When he first shook holy water and began to pray, he heard a voice clearly saying "Get out!" - "Get out!". When leaving the house, he did not mention this incident to either George or Kathy. On December 24, 1975, Father Mancuso called George Lutz and urge that he not use the room where he had heard a strange sound. This is a stunning space Kathy planned to use as a sewing room, and had formerly been the bedroom of Marc and John Matthew DeFeo. Telephone conversation abruptly interrupted, and the next visit to the house resulted in Father Mancuso suffered high fever and signs encountered on his arm similar to the signs of stigmata.
At first, George and Kathy Lutz did not feel strange things with their homes. But then they feel that "each of them lived in a different house."
Some of the Lutz family's experience is described as follows:
  • George always woke up at around 3:15 every morning, and then out to the house boat storage. When the estimated time in which the DeFeo murders.
  • Their house was always bothered by a bunch of flies in each winter.
  • Kathy had vivid nightmares about the murder and the time when he made house purchase approvals. Their children also began sleeping with a lying face, the same position when the DeFeo's body was found.
  • Kathy felt as if "being held" with affection by some invisible force.
  • Kathy discovered a small hidden room (around four feet) in the rear basement. The walls were painted red and the room did not appear in the blueprints of the house. The room was then known as "The Red Room." This room has an influence on their dog Harry, who refused to go near it and cowered as if sensing something negative.
  • There is cold air, the smell of perfume and filth inside the house, where there are no air ducts or channels for the source.
  • Their daughter who was five years old, Missy, an imaginary friend named "Jodie" who has red eyes.
  • George would be woken by the sound of the front door slamming. He would race downstairs to find the dog sleeping in a loud voice in front of the door. No one else who heard it except him.
  • George heard what was described as a "German marching band" or sound like a radio that is not in your set with the right frequency. But when he went to the basement, the noise will stop.
  • George realized that he bore a strong resemblance to Ronald DeFeo, Jr.., And began bermabukan at The Witches' Brew, the bar where DeFeo was one of its customers.
  • When checking the storage vessel, on one night, George saw a pair of red eyes that are considering him from Missy's bedroom window. When he went upstairs to see her, she did not find anything. Then concluded that it was "Jodie".
  • While in bed, Kathy received red marks didadanya caused by an unseen force and was levitated two feet off the bed.
  • Locks, windows and doors were damaged by an unseen force.
  • There are large parts of the animal nail in the snow which is then connected to a large pig on January 1, 1976.
  • From the walls of the hall and the keyhole of the playroom door in the attic out in green mud.
  • A 12-inch crucifix hung in the bathroom she was upside down and gave off a smell.
  • George tripped by a china lion which has a height of about four feet, and was left with bite marks on one of his ankles.
  • George saw Kathy turned into an elderly woman who was about the 90s, "with unkempt hair, the face with wrinkles and ugly, and saliva dripping from the toothless mouth."
George and Kathy Lutz is surrounded by media coverage of the case
Having decided that there was something wrong with their homes, which can not be explained rationally, George and Kathy Lutz carried out a blessing of their own on January 8, 1976. George held a silver crucifix that while they both recited the Lord's Prayer, and from their living room, according to George allegedly heard a chorus of voices telling them to stop: "Will you stop! ".
In mid-January 1976, and after the blessing of the business conducted by George and Kathy, they experienced the events that later became the last night they were in the house. Lutzes of the events that happen as something very scary, "too frightening".
After consultation with Father Mancuso, they decided to take some belongings and decided to stay at home mom Kathy at the nearby Deer Park, New York. On January 14, 1976, George and Kathy Lutz with her three children and their dog Harry, left home and left a lot of stuff behind the house. The next day, a handyman was assigned to move the goods to be sent to the Lutz family. He reported no abnormal phenomena inside the house.
This book was written after Tam Mossman, an editor at the publisher of Prentice Hall who introduced George and Kathy Lutz to Jay Anson. They do not work directly with Anson, but submitted a tape recording that lasted about 45 hours, which later became the basis for writing this book. It is estimated that book sales are around ten million copies of several editions. Anson is said to have based the title of his book "The Amityville Horror" from "The Dunwich Horror" HP Lovecraft essay, published in 1929.

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