3 Kg Worms Boy Band Released From the Body

Mysteries Unsolved Story is Continue ... now we write about 3 Kg Worms Boy Band Released From the Body... wow so scare .... but its real happen ..
Wow terrible news but at the same time provide the knowledge for you .. Imagine if there was 3kg worms in our body ... ihhh horror dong ... read more curious in the Modern Magazine Online

In one hospital in Bandung Came a boy aged around 10 years to the hospital emergency room with complaints TSB could not defecate for four days aka BAB .. Patients already bloated belly & look great ...

Diagnosis of Obstructive ileus as is (Obstruction of the small intestine) Jump aja we prepare operations into convulsions last way is by surgery.

After anesthesia walk, opened the boy's abdomen, apparently ......

First incisions, direct worm squirt

Rich Udon Noodles; Spaghetti yah

Weighing about 3kg net weight of the basin

Results of Operations: about 3 KG worm species Ascaris lumbricoides
(Estimated around 500-1000 worms): mad:

After surgery is completed, the patient's family was summoned.

Once children know about the condition, the response was the father gaq disangka2: "Oh mah've had regular Doc, my child already several times given worm medicine, if not defecate tuh out her t * i, all the worms out.'ve Often had Doc"

Diseases Worms / Ascariasis:
Explanation about Worms / Ascariasis

Ascariasis is a disease caused by parasitic roundworm Ascaris lumbricoides. Ascariasis is the second largest disease caused by parasitic creatures.

Host or a host of Ascariasis is a human. In humans, Ascaris larvae develop into adults and copulation menagdakan and eventually lay eggs.

Cosmopolitan nature of this disease, there was almost around the world. Prevalence of ascariasis approximately 70-80%.

Male worms measuring around 10-30 cm, while females about 22-35 cm. In male worms found in spicules or portions, such as hair strands at the tip of its tail (posterior). In female worms, there are sections on the front third of which is called a ring or bracelet copulation.

Adult worms live in human intestines. A female worm can lay up to about 200,000 eggs per day. Fertilized egg measures 60 x 45 microns. While the egg is not fertilized, form a larger approximately 90 x 40 microns. This fertilized egg that can infect humans.

Ascariasis in the feces patients who throw water out of place may contain eggs that have been dubuahi ascariasis. These eggs will mature within 21 days. if there are other people who hold land that has been tainted eggs of Ascaris and not wash his hands, and then accidentally eat and swallow ascaris eggs.

Eggs will be entered into the digestive tract of larvae and eggs will be in the intestines. Larvae penetrate the intestines and into blood vessels. He will be outstanding following the circulatory system, ie, liver, heart, and then in the lungs.

In the lungs, worms will damage the alveoli, into the bronchial, bronchus, trachea, and then in the larynx. He will be swallowed back into the digestive tract. On arrival in the intestine, the larvae will become adult worms.

Worms will live in the intestines and then berkopulasi and lay eggs. These eggs will eventually come back out with feces. The cycle will recur if the patient recently throwing stool out of place.

Ascariasis Diagnosis made by finding eggs in the feces of patients or adult worms found in the anus, nose, or mouth.

Clinical symptoms
Clinical symptoms will be shown on stage larvae and adults.

At the stadium larvae, Ascaris can cause mild symptoms in the liver and the lungs will cause Loeffler's syndrome. Loeffler's syndrome is a collection of signs such as fever, shortness of breath, eosinophilia, and the thoracic visible infiltrates Roentgen photographs that would be lost for three weeks.

In the adult stage, the intestinal worm will cause the typical gastrointestinal symptoms such as no appetite, vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. When the worms ate into the bile duct may cause colic or jaundice. When adult worms then enter the body through the peritoneum or abdominal, it can cause acute abdomen.

Treatment of ascariasis can be used sepreti drugs pirantel pamoat, mebendazol, albendazole, piperasin.

In Indonesia, the prevalence of ascariasis is high, especially in children. This disease can be prevented by maintaining personal hygiene and good environment. Use of toilet can break the chains of this life cycle of Ascaris lumbricoides.

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