Corpse Aged 2150 Years, But Still Intact

This is real mysteries, Figure of a 2150-year-old woman remains in a state of wet and preserved intact with high technology by a team of experts in China and exhibited in museums Changsha, Hunan Province, China, became the target of tourist arrivals quoted by Kompas.

                             Photo: Corpse Aged 2150 Years, But Still Intact

2150 Year of Still Intact Corpse and Fresh From the museum heritage objects in the historic city of Changsha, China was reported Thursday, the bodies are intact how humans live and placed in a transparent box containing a liquid preservative.

Sinzui named the dead woman was pale white, with eyes closed, protruding tongue and a black haired with heights reaching 158 feet.

Based on data in the museum, the body was discovered in 1972 in a wooden box measuring five feet long, eight feet wide and two meters high, buried at a depth of 20 meters from the ground in the hills Mantui, Changsha.

When found, the three coffin with the same size within each there is one body, ie a male aged 58 years and 30 years, but the bodies of two men did not display in the museum Changsha.

The discovery of three large intact coffin was started from the command's leaders to the people of China in Changsha dig large holes for shelter in case of war. When people dig in the hills Maantui, at a depth of 20 meters was found three large wooden box and once it is opened containing one of each corpse.

In addition, miscellaneous goods used since 2100 years ago is also stored in a crate and still intact, even their color does not fade. Government of China then lowered a team of experts to dismantle and save three crates and all its contents, including these three bodies.

The team physician, who performed the surgery, said the body was intact and wet without damage, although buried 2100 years. After surgery, the body was preserved with high technology to the next stored in the museum of Changsha, which was built to save, store and display the findings, which could reveal the life of citizens China in 2100 and then that.

Various tools were also found in the coffin, which was also rescued and cleaned with high technology and with the dead woman was kept and exhibited in museums Changsha.

Historic high of ancient objects that include dozens of large and small jars, various animal bones, whose flesh is eaten by humans at that time, coins are round and patch of bamboo.

In addition, cooking utensils of wood and metal, metal and wooden spoons are large, plate and glass from the metal and wood. Dozens of human sculptures from clay and wood, ancient weapons such as bows and arrows, along the 1.5 m ancient swords and various other sharp weapons stored there.

In addition, there is a relief clay image of dozens of people, who lived at a time, the rice pestle, musical instruments harps are small and big, old guitars, flutes dozens of different sizes, angklung of wood, mats measuring 2x05 meters and plaything, like, an ancient chess.

In addition, the letter notes the event 2100 years ago, a leader of that time, dozens of books China ancient, dozens of flower paintings, dozens of silk and old clothes China, Belts, scarves, socks, shoes and pants.

All of these ancient items found together in a wooden crate containing the bodies of three figures. According to Wen Hui Yu, Dong Fang leaders travel agency International Ltd., Guangzhou, China, Based on the notes, translated from an ancient book and a letter found inside the coffin, the corpse and the age of ancient items reaches 2100 years.

Bodies and lives of various historical relic China the past has now become one of the leading tourist attraction in the city of Changsha and visited by about 800,000 people each year, said Yu Wen Hui. 

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