Deja Vu

Become one of the news Mysteries Unsolved ... Mystery lifted from one online site .. This incredible story is now circulating throughout the Mysteries online site in the world ... how this incident could have happened?

Actually what's actually from Deja Vu Definitively the back of this increasingly bloom discussed Indonesia and the International community layer that?
From several sources who have read aq, Deja Vu was actually guns' lot Definitively much different than clairvoyance.
Clairvoyance itself can be interpreted as a supernormal capability which
owned by an individual, where the strength of mind that he seemed to be able to see future events that will happen / happened to him as well as in people can also .Indeed clairvoyance ability to view situations in the event of the days ago.

Usually, people who have a good mastery of clairvoyance, will be easily predicted several events that will occur a period to come. example images of bad accidents that will happen to him in the future.
Amazingly from those who mastered well clairvoyance, for example we held him with an object, then with a little concentration, in a short time he too can tell the history of this thing is, whether its owner, when it was created, and so on.
Well, the term itself Deja Vu is also a supernormal power of a person so he was able to see gambaran-gambaran/menerawang events that will happen in the future as well as the same as clairvoyance ago.
Deja Vu But the term itself is widely used in the art of breathing / meditation Yoga. If someone is already at this stage, and has undergone an experience, then his mind seemed to experience it seemed familiar to dirinya.Serasa never happened so.
Usually the images will these events occur if we're stunned or asleep, like a dream. Curiously, when we really are experiencing these events in the real world, as if we thought back to the moment-moment description of our
dreamed before. Where is the moment-the moment seem very complex illustrated, the form of audio and
visual can we feel with certainty. So the experience we are experiencing in the real world, we can already guess ending, and certainly in our hearts will say "I think never happened
nih before, but when is it? ".
Usually each person must have experienced things like that, it's just that his concentration is different.
For example my friends it was a walk , then the street noodle stalls Seeing Jakarta for instance, because so want to buy .but tempted, because it might not have enough money or there are other reasons, then the guns to be purchased.
Well when he got home, apparently existing dimeja eating a bowl of noodles instead of Jakarta has been specially created kita.ternyata presented earlier  who was walking back from the invitation. ill feelings caused by guns' so to buy the street noodles , vanished instantly, it also includes Deja Vu, only low levels.
Then the altitude Dip rich what?
Yes for example the height of his ability Clirvoyance the most ngetop Nostradamus World klo, klo in most ngetop Indo tuh Jayabaya clairvoyance, King of the kingdom of Kediri.
But, nd-nd, which ngetop-even forecast the Mama Louren predictions that often appear on a tipi-tipi private, usually he often ngeramal artist who likes to marry divorced so.
His fortune is still the same sempet remember Mama Louren in 2006 nd year ago, when he appeared confused one private TV station, he could predict the occurrence later in the year 2007, he said in 2007 there was one year Indonesian singer who died but he did not want her name nyebutin kasian.ternyata reason Bener tuh, Om's death in 2007.innalilahi Crisye wainnalillahi roji'un.
A few months ago, he also had predicted that half of the island would sink nih Java, first hear a possible rada surprais too, but the forecasts still forecast yes, we guns' may just have to believe it.
However Allah is the absolute charge, if God had said happened then it happened. Usually people who have Supernormal power, highly sensitive to the energies of acceptance if he has a picture luar.Jika be a bad thing that will happen to him in the future, so with as soon as possible to avoid it before it actually happened, such as vehicle accidents, etc. , except death.
Then how to train the sensitivity of clairvoyance or De Javu contained in our self? 
Actually, for those who are talented and are destined, without sensitivity belajarpun Calirvoyance / De Javu sendirinya.Misalnya has appeared with the boys like the Mama Louren Indigo. Already a seemingly natural talent. But for normal human beings are born not as Indigo Clairvoyancenya sensitivity can also be trained, for example, by practicing the breathing and concentration (a term usually meditation).
When starting a short follow-up Power training in Yogyakarta in 2006 Bioenergy Center yesterday (when it was still kls 3 aq SMU) One of the coordinator, namely DR.HM.Syaiful M Maghsri, he had said, bahw good practice of meditation is to perform respiratory triangle . It means we are breathing the air in a 10 count, 10 count and then hold it again, then issued in 10 count, semanya seirama.Tentunya within a matter of concentration in the eyes of a third, a point between the two eyes. If that want a little altitude, learn breathing Rajawali, etc..
If we do that every day approximately 10 minutes, then the ability to hone the mind's eye.
In the Art of Yoga Breathing, many women who are pregnant, the elderly, and people experiencing distress practice meditation in this way. In addition to good health, practice meditation as well as eliminating anxiety, fear, trauma, etc.. Yuk, you test the sensitivity of De Javu
According to a famous American psychologist, Dr. Alfred W. Munzert, by answering the following series of tests, you will know how much potential De Javu and clairvoyance (supernormal power) that you have.
Value: The more you answer "yes" then you supernormal sensitivity
getting bigger, or sebaliknya.Selamat try:)
(A) At some point, you feel, that what has happened has been your experience
before! So that you wondered, I never felt this event
natural, but when? ".
(B) Have you ever had a dream, that dream became a reality poorer?
(C) Have you ever had a dream that is "really realistic?" Any existing
in the dream, man, the objects, her movements, such as really living?
(D) When visiting a place, suddenly feel like you're seeing
sebelumnya.Padahal you just arrived for the first time to place it?
(E) You often have to know what someone will say before he
(F) Often you feel the presence of "something" that is not visible but felt
(G) You often feel aware of a guest's arrival, the guest has not yet
(H) Do you often take action based on intuition?
(I) When the phone rang, and there are others who have picked up
telephone, you know for sure that the call was for you?
(J) Have you ever seen strange lights at any time, for example light
such a brilliant white flash?
(K) How often you see a flash of movement around you, but after
visiting no "what-what?"
(L) When you think of someone, not long before people who you remember
actually occur?
(M) Do you feel you can see the lights (aura) on someone's face? Example
light bright light on certain people?
(N) You still remember the experience when I was 2-3 years?
(O) A dream when you look at your morning meeting someone. next days
person in a dream?
(P) You often master the knowledge / skills when you've never
learn it at all?
(Q) There is an experience that "you are suddenly feeling uneasy." Beberpa
days later it did happen that is not exciting?
(R) Have you ever felt "out" of the body?
(S) you often imagine a person's face, then the TSB appear?

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