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The six sense, indeed one of unsolved mysteries, not everyone has this extraordinary ability. even in a lot of  mystery online sites in  writing in various ways to train our six sense abilities .. whether the true six sense could be in practice? you can believe it or not...
Is actually called SIX SENSE? From biology lessons at school we receive people only have five senses, namely: seer senses (eyes), listener senses (ear), sense of smell (nose), the sense of taste (tongue) and taste (skin). The five senses is a tool we use to ensure that something is really there and we can verify and identify it scientifically. For example, we say that sugar is sweet, and we know through the senses of taste, and this can be scientifically verified and identified, and so on.

However there are certain things that happen that sometimes the cage can not be analyzed based on the five human senses or beyond the ability of human reason to verify. For example, we have a strong feeling that something will happen in the future, both in the near future and in a long time, and something actually happens. Yet scientifically we do not have scientific evidence to strengthen our feelings. How do we know? Ability is what is often called "intuition" or also called 'six sense'. There are also people who can read minds of others, able to find things that other people can not afford under normal circumstances, be able to move objects without touching but just by a look, lit a fire with a look, etc.. There are also people who can hear "voices" that can not be heard by a normal sense of hearing. Or the ability to see something that can not be viewed by others with normal eyes, etc..

There is a child who is sharing with me. After seeing my site,, he said something like, "sir, I can hear strange voices of people from a distance of 70 meters, and can see through tambok, and can find out if people are talking about me in the far distance. . . why is it yes sir? "Then I say it is the ability of a six sense that has been active since childhood. I also know a few people who can view certain beings or things that normal humans can not see. There could even be in a place that no place on this earth. What is it? Scientifically we have enough scientific evidence to explain it. So many people who choose not to believe and say that the person has mental illness or making it up.

Indeed the ability that often categorized as "supernatural" exists. And abilities such as this is often called the six sense ability (six sense) or intuition (intuition).
In modern times the six senses also called ESP (EXTRA Sensory Perception). Thus, the term sensory-6, intusi, and ESP has the same meaning.
Following question that needs to be addressed are: Anyone who has a six sense? Perhaps you've been watching, see or have a friend or relative who has the ability that is usually categorized as the ability "supernatural" as already mentioned above. 
Because the assumption is that at first like some people say that ESP or a six sense is just superstition or fairy tales. But now the truth of the existence of a six sense has been proven by scientists and researchers around the world.
A scientist named Dr. JB Rhine conducted the first scientific study of ESP was in the 1930s and 40s at Duke University. The result is stunning world of academic research at the time, especially since many other scientists who are vying to confirm the truth of what it called ESP. A book he wrote titled Extra-Sensory Perception after 60 Years into the book as compulsory reading introductory psychology course at Harvard University. Repeated studies across the world as much as 309 times involving 50,000 people and two million sessions, and prove beyond doubt that the ESP or 6th sense really exist.

In the early 20th century, a famous scientist named Albert Einstein said:
"intuitive mind is a precious gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that respects the servant and has forgotten thegift. "
Well, the people who have the ability to sense the 6th is often called psychic. In general, people assume that senses the 6th only owned by certain people, such as the paranormal and the like. But now, after years of research conducted as mentioned above found that all humans have a sense of the 6th or ESP. It's just that not many people know how to activate it and grade or strength vary in each person. Because it's time for you to mengatifkan your 6th sense. And you'll find a huge benefit in your life. You will have a strong instinct, knowing what will happen, can make the right decision for a problem, in some degree you will mampun know the mind of others, etc..
By following the guidelines to activate sensory-specific brain six and technology with binaural beats is expected you can activate the latent potential that is within you.

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