Lawang Sewu

Mysteries Unsolved Story todays come from Indonesia ... the place with familiar name is Lawang Sewu.. What is lawang sewu ??
Lawang Sewu, hear certain words that first appeared in your mind is a ghost(wow so scare), why not, even in the middle of the epidemic in 2007 could make a movie about this place, let alone that in the yes of course if not tell me about ghosts, (mace itself comes Sewu of the word "Thousand Doors") is a ghost story in Indonesia is not a taboo, perhaps even your own have experienced horrific events that are difficult you forget.
back to the mace Sewu. There's curious appearance of anything in Lawang Sewu, 
This is only a bit of eeriness that occurred in Lawang Sewu:

you may not believe in image 2 above, but  do not always criticizing before you come to the mace Sewu, 
Lawang Sewu own on the open starting at 11:00 that night, if you will visit this place then you will be accompanied by a guide or may be normal in kuncen, you will invite existing tempat2 around here .. do not be surprised if you will experience horrible hal2 or maybe even you will see the appearance of ghosts in this place.
Sewu mace in the courtyard outside there is a great tree if your portrait will always be odd, whatever? see for yourself ....
Ghost is one of million Mysteries Unsolved stories in the world..

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