U.F.O ... believes or not ??

U.F.O .... one of the numerous unsolved mysteries until now, a lot of people who do not believe in the existence of allien ... but there are also people who really want to know the truth about UFOs, a lot of Mystery Online site talk about allien, but until now this news I made, the writer has not known the truth about UFOs, but i believe of their existence ..

Talking about "what's behind the UFO" of course we will discuss the so-called "alien". Alien is clearly a foreigner and non-human creatures. Many questions raised about the problem alien (UFO), for example:
  1. Where did they come?
  2. There are aliens of any kind?
  3. Are they good or bad?
  4. Why do they often kidnap human?
  5. What is their purpose to humans?
  6. Is there an alien connection with human history?
  7. How the prophets foretold this alien problem?
  8. Is there a relationship aliens (UFO) with the prophecies concerning the end times?
Discussing the matter of UFOs or aliens is not easy. Why is it difficult? Because the objects / subjects being studied are not there in front of us and we can not ask us to come at will. Reports of UFO sightings or encounters humans with aliens, is also still in doubt. in mystery online site Even the UFO crash in Roswell in 1947 where there are four aliens (two dead, one run and then shot by a soldier that is tense, and one more dying and eventually died in the hospital) that in an autopsy by the military (Air Force) U.S.. But everything was covered and did not exist. Official report from the government is merely a trial balloon called Skyhook U.S.. But the general public is not easy to simply trust and then was born the theory of "Alien Conspiracy".
Indonesia is quite often impassable UFOs, many reports in mystery online site and newspaper are recorded and there are also cases of Indonesian people who kidnapped a UFO. But of course back to the question, whether it be trusted? Reports can indeed be composed, the image can indeed be engineered, any evidence can be made. For those who believe, little evidence is sufficient. For people who are skeptics, he needed proof of a truly scientific and reliable. For people who are fanatical anti, as any amount of evidence will not change his attitude. My suggestion, if you want to know the truth about UFOs, you must read a lot of information from Mystery Online site , believe it will help a lot
From the existing difficulties, it appears that many barriers to study UFOs. There is no one book that can be scientifically tested and true. On the other hand, there is no one-party religious leaders who expressed their opinion about the UFO / alien. Although in 1979 the United Nations ever seriously discuss the UFO issue, yet it does not have a serious continuation. The world is more preoccupied with war, political issues, disease and economic crisis, rather than learn guest who comes to our world ...
With the constraints of data sources to study the UFO / aliens, then in studying the existence of UFOs in the past, UFO researchers using a reference from ancient books, inscriptions, hieroglyph, including the holy books. One of the most famous researcher Erich von Daniken. Daniken's theory is our ancestor was once visited by intelligent beings from outer space that are considered gods by humans.
The problem is, using data sourced from the ancient scriptures, mythology and scripture, will not be accepted by the spektis circles. However, I would like to ask all the data I have collected, either in the form of a story from the experience of someone who saw a UFO or aliens, as well as from various other information, including the holy books.

Where did they come?
Here I always write the UFO beings as "aliens" instead of "ET or ETI." Why? Because ET is short for Extra Terrestrial Intelligence, namely intelligent beings from outside the earth. By using the term alien ", I did not close the possibility that they came from earth or another dimension.

Some possible answers to the question above is:

Estimates that aliens from outer space is very likely, but there are some peculiarities or irregularities if they did come from outer space. The strangeness of it is:
  • Radar we have never detected a spaceship that enters Earth's atmosphere.
  • The nearest star to our solar system is Alpha Centauri, which is 4.3 light years. This means that what we see today is what happened 04/03 years ago. Fly with the speed of light is still science fiction. For a ride that fast enough for a UFO would take thousands of years to reach Earth.
  • The strange thing is, though there are thousands of witnesses who claimed never seen a UFO every year, but no description of exactly the same UFO. Obviously it is difficult to imagine if they from outer space by bringing so many kinds of different aircraft and runs zig-zag in the sky every day.
  • UFO Phenomena in the fly often do not follow the laws of gravity and aerodynamics, is not if they are really from outer space, the laws of physics still apply for them?
  • There is no real PROOF that they are derived from a particular planet.
  • Some people are related (contact) with an alien, often gets a lesson on spirituality, philosophy, warning about the dangers of nuclear, etc.. Is an alien who comes from a great distance to come to earth to teach humans only philosophy?
  • Klick here if u want read more Article about ufo  in Mysteries Unsolved Story,( the Mistery Onlise site )
There also remain convinced that they came from outer space with such rapid advancement of technology that has not been imagined by human minds.
Are UFOs a kind of time machine from the future? People who believe that
time machine can (maybe) will be made to accept the possibility theory
this. But I ignore this theory because of considerations:
  • Several reports have ever seen an alien stated that most of them are not human (human) and sometimes bizarre or terrifying.
  • Interference creatures from the future could lead to the theory of "parallel universe". If they really from the future, then surely they have not currently exist. But if they come from the future and appear today, meaning it is a matter that "unique" and "amazing."
  • If they really from the future, for what they are doing the kidnapping of humans (Alien Abduction)?
If the possibility of them from the earth, surely must be questioned as well, namely:
  1. whether man-made?
  2. whether the types of artificial non-human species, yet we know so far?
The possibility that man-made UFO doubt when viewing the facts:
  • The existence of the phenomenon of human abduction by UFOs.
  • UFOs have been seen, long before humans are able to make an airplane.
  • UFO aircraft are often beyond the laws of gravity and aerodynamics.
Possible non-human artificial coming from the earth, doubt when viewing the facts:
  • UFO aircraft are often beyond the laws of gravity and aerodynamics.
  • Where are they located? (This can indeed be answered: at the bottom of the sea, in the polar regions are not inhabited by humans, inside / cavities of the earth)
  • Why is there a blank period, where once the ancient aliens often said to and fro among mankind, and only now becoming active again?
Obviously if the third possibility above ignored because of rebuttal
or thoughts that doubt, then the latter is a fourth option,
that is: Could they be from another dimension?
Theories about aliens from other dimensions pretty much embraced by the ufologi (not all). Some data to support are:
  • Explaining the phenomenon of UFO appeared and disappeared suddenly.
  • Do not follow the laws of physics in the human dimension.
  • Contacts between telepathically or through dreams with a few people who feel having communication (contacts) with an alien.
  • Alien Abduction cases often occur when the victim slept.
  • They can not interact freely with humans because of different dimensions. To interact in the human dimension, they need a container (containers) human. This explains the theory and manufacture of hybrid Alien Abduction, where there is also a process of "Soul Abduction."
When they come from another dimension, who are they? The only explanation of scripture, namely the Qur'an which states that the earth except inhabited by humans, is also inhabited by a genie who was in another dimension. A fact that in Indonesia who know enough about this genie phenomena, it has a characteristic equation, which is like the genie of kidnapping (both adults and children), in which the victim was often in a place that he did not want to go back (for good) , but partly also managed to escape or successfully removed / returned by the help of another person with the power of God.
Is the genie has the technology? Get the existence of intelligent beings from another dimension called the genie has been accepted by the modern human mind? And if indeed this phenomenon is the UFO phenomenon genie appeared lately in a long while vacuum?
Speaking of spirits, may not be separated from a possibility that there are good spirits and evil spirits. Opinions are a lot of people, good spirits do not want to interfere in human affairs, but of evil (the devil with their leader Satan / Lucifer), meddlesome people and trying to mislead people. Maybe this explains:
  • Why not just aliens attacking humans (shoot and destroy) because their goal is not to kill but to mislead?
  • The appearance of an alien lately whether because they are given the opportunity by God to mislead people in the days before the end of time?
Can be trusted there is another dimension?
Trusting an alien from another planet is much easier than believing that they were from another dimension. Yet another dimension of existence seems not easy to ignore. Many fiction writers, whether from the past and present, using the theme of life in this other dimension, for example:
  • Odyssey (The Story of Travel Ullyses)
  • Sinbad, the sailor
  • Christmas Carol
  • Alice in the Wonderland
  • Nyai Loro Kidul legend
But of course, all that can still be regarded as a story. So far, several scientific experiments involving other dimensions of the problem is:
  • Philadelphia experiment, namely experiment on space and time. To know a little about this experiment, click on: here (Indonesian)
  • Research on several paranormal events, such as NDE (Near Death Experience), OBE (Out of Body Experience) or Astral Traveling, ESP (Extra Sensory Perception), dreams, etc..
Phenomena involving other dimensions are:
Possible explanation of the scientific approach is the existence of other dimensions they (aliens) are on the spectrum who can not afford captured by the human senses, for example, the ability of human vision is limited and unable to see infrared light and ultra violet. Similarly, humans are not able to hear sounds and ultra sonic infrasonic. However, some animals have the ability to sense a broader spectrum / different with humans, such as bats can hear ultrasonic waves, a few animals capable of sensing the presence of "spirits", there are animals capable of sensing would be earthquakes, etc..
Humans also have a sixth sense, but unfortunately not developed this sense by everyone. With this sixth sense, human beings capable of intuition and anticipation.

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