Eric and Pam Ellender Murder

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Christopher Prudhomme was arrested for the killings, but the family feels that there is more to the murders and more people involved than just Prudhomme. The family has asked that the investigation be re-opened. The Ellender's were found murdered in their bedroom, dead of gunshot wounds.

Pam Littleton and Eric where married after college. They owned a home by Pam's parents and Eric worked for her father. Pam and Eric had an infant girl a year after they were married. Every day, Pam and the baby would walk to her parent's home so that they would never miss one moment of their granddaughters growing up. On February 11, 1991, Pam visited her mother and received a phone call from Eric saying he was home from work at 8:45pm and Pam left her parent's home.

The next day, Pam never showed up at her parent's home and no one had heard from Eric. Huey Littleton got a phone call from his mother saying that something was wrong, that she had the baby, and the Ellender's were in their bedroom, and told him to call the police. The police went to the house and found Eric and Pam dead of gunshot wounds to the head and the baby was left alive in her bedroom.

Chris Prudhomme, 18 years old, was found with Eric's car in Baton Rouge with three friends. Detectives interview Chris about the gun. He told them he used an automatic shotgun. He said that the gun was loaded. He said that he then went and shot Eric and Pam. He said that he was glad that he had killed them. Seventeen days later, he was found in his jail cell dead from hanging.

Huey Littleton is a licensed private detective and felt that there were too many lose ends. He found that Chris had belonged to a satanic group called the S.K.A.T.E.R (Satan's Kids Against the Establishment). A girlfriend to one of the men in the group had told Huey about a meeting, where the group was concocting an alibi. The witness said that Chris and another guy broke into the house to steal, but high on LSD, they found the gun and killed the two as they slept.

Huey interviewed over 100 people. One witness, Nickie Alderson came forward and said that the S.K.A.T.E.R members had a party in the home after the deaths. She had seen people partying in the home and Chris was one of them. She asked whose house it was and Chris told her that he didn't know. She said everyone was standing and sitting around and they were in their own worlds. There were drugs visible and they were snorting it off the table.

The next day, she saw the house on the news and realized that was the house she was at and saw what she did. However, the sheriff didn't see it as reliable information. They had never seen any signs of a party in the house when they arrived. Another witness came forward and told that more than just one person molested the bodies of Pam and Eric sexually. Those facts came from a guy named Kip who was at the house.

Chip said that he had seen a video of what was going on at the house with the S.K.A.T.E.R members. Since Chris was dead, the next suspect in line was Atkins, who was with Chris when he was arrested in Baton Rouge. Atkins told Shawn Moody what had happened at the house. The wife was shot first and the husband was second. Atkins said that Chris did not shoot the Ellender's, but was taking the rap for the leader of the S.K.A.T.E.R.

More people had plenty to say about the murders and the freakish party that was held after Eric and Pam were murdered. Then a girl named Pearl taped a conversation with her cousin Kim Manuel, who described the scene in the house that she herself was also in with the members. She said that Chris shot Eric and another guy shot Pam. They were going to kill the baby, but a girl that was there said no and took the baby into another room.

The grand jury heard the tape and return two counts of second-degree murder against Kim. Some felt that this was a way to get Kim to point fingers at others. One lawyer said that he felt that it was a scripted tape recording. Pearl stands by what she recorded. One year later, all charges against Kim were dropped, but she could be charged in the future.

Huey Littleton was disgusted that the charges were dropped and police have said that he no longer has any credibility with them. Sheriff Wayne McElveen said that they feel sorry for Mr. Littleton. But he has gone to far with finding witnesses that they don't feel are telling the truth.

Huey feels that there was a cover up and destruction of evidence in this case and he will not rest until all involved are brought to justice. In 1995, three men were arrested for their involvement in this case. The case is still being pursued by the attorney generals office.

If all these people were involved and in the home, where did the evidence go and why are there no fingerprints anywhere in the home. This is a case that has three indicted, one dead and possibly more still walking around the streets.

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