The Mysteries of Poltergeists

Unsolved Mystery-. Everyone has heard of “poltergeists” before. The term, which is German for “noisy” or “loud spirit’, is a rather frightening phenomena that causes a lot of chaotic paranormal activity. Some poltergeists in haunted homes get so out of hand, that the owners move out!
There are two different theories as to what exactly poltergeists are.  The first, which is the most popular theory, is that poltergeists are unwelcome and malevolent spirits.  Whether they’re ghosts, demons, or some other kind of spirit, those who believe in this theory agree that they are very problematic.  They “throw” objects, make loud noises, bang, pound, mess around with electricity and light, give off foul stenches, and more.  Needless to say, poltergeists are very hard to live with.

Some victims of poltergeist activities have even called in exorcists to help get rid of the problem.  Psychics have also been called in to see if they can communicate with the spirits, to find out what their problem is.  Sometimes even priests and psychics can’t help, and the families end up abandoning the home all together.

There have been popular books and films about the subject.  The infamous Poltergeist films of the 1980's are considered some of the scariest horror films ever made.  In real life, poltergeist activity is considered to be very frightening, especially since nobody knows for sure why they occur.

Another theory, for those who don’t believe that spirits are capable of influencing physical objects in such ways, is that poltergeist activity is the result of some sort of subconscious telekinesis.  Evidence shows that the majority of places with poltergeist activity are the homes of unstable individuals.  Most of these individuals are young, overly emotional teenagers.  Usually some type of mental disorder is involved, such as schizophrenia or paranoia.  In addition to that, these individuals may also have some psychic abilities. 

Everything adds up and during times when they’re feeling particular stressful or angry, they cause psychokinetic or telekinetic events without realizing it.  As they grow older or more wiser, or if they are given medication, these events occur less and less.  Unfortunately, in the old days, medication and therapy wasn’t an option, and myths and legends were created as a way to describe the phenomenon. 

Whether poltergeists really are malevolent spirits bent on destroying a home for whatever reason, or strange psychokinetic powers given off subconsciously by unstable teenagers, they’re still truly frightening experiences.  Perhaps both theories are true and apply to different events.

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