The pyramids - their mysteries are still unsolved

Pyramids,one of the greatest unsolved mysteries. Magnificent miracles of ancient architecture have resisted destruction by different cultures and remain until today. Pyramids are a symbol form for wisdom and knowledge The pyramids of Gizeh, Egypt, are the last preserved buildings of the Seven Wonders of the World. But their mysteries are still unsolved: How have they been built? And why have people done such an extremely hard work? There are numerous theories about their origin and also about their purpose. In March 1993 a robot found an unknown hollow in the pyramid of  Cheops. Might this be the entrance to the “chamber of knowledge” that many Egyptian myths tell off? Why was the door not opened? Why have the examinations been stopped? English researcher discovered that the order of the stars of the Orion Belt match exactly with the pattern of the pyramids of Gizeh. unsolved, mysteries, unsolved mysteries

Unsolved mysteries: pyramids are a piece of heaven rebuild on earth

But how was such a precise construction and astronomic perfection possible? What did exist before the pharaohs? Pyramids do not only exist in Egypt, there are also some in China, Mongolia, in South and Middle America, even in Greece, France or on the Canaries. They have not only been graves but temples, holy places, and symbols of the world and sources of mysterious forces. In this connection there are some archaeological rarities to document the magical meaning of the form of tripod as “holy sign”. One of the most outstanding objects is the model of a pyramid in the exhibition. In its interior there are very precious objects from Ecuador, amongst them a stone in form of a pyramid with complex incisions in form of a “divine eye”.  The relict was found in the 1980ies with different other mysterious objects. When it is light up with ultraviolet light it shows extraordinary luminescent effects. The same symbol of the “divine pyramid” is also found on the “One-Dollar” bill. In many religions the pyramid is a holy symbol and represents the structure of the world: heaven, earth and hell. In Hinduism there are three important gods: Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. In Christianity there are God, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost building the Holy Trinity and the three great kings, the fi rst visitors of the newborn Jesus. unsolved

The pyramids – their mysteries are still unsolved

The Buddhist scripts are separated in three parts, called Tripitka (three baskets). The number three is also a blessed number; its symbol is the triangle. Is this trinity an original form? Or is it an evidence, that there have been connections between the continents? The same questions appear in connection with the phenomenon of huge menhirs, dolmen and cyclopean masonries that are found in every part of the world. What was the purpose of that objects? Stonehenge is the most well known building of the megaliths in the world. Have the huge stones maybe been used as observatory? Who did transport them, how have they been brought there? When and why have they been put up? A recently made discovery is the underwater construction off Yonaguni, Island, Japan. It is a giant structure of rock with steps and caves and platforms. Is this a natural formation of rocks or is it a prehistoric underwater “temple”? Some relicts from underwater have been examined in Ryuku University Okinawa. They have been definitely artificially worked. Those finds remind us of all the legends and myths of sunken civilizations like Mu, Lemuria or Atlantis. Pyramids are one of the most famous unsolved mysteries.

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