Unsolved Mystery Taos Hum

‘Taos Hum’ is the name given by New Mexico natives to this humming sound. In 1993, this annoyance humming sound became so acute that hearers in Taos, New Mexico banded together and requested Congress for carrying out an investigation on the same. Their main aim was to discover the source of Taos Hum, but no conclusive causes were discovered. One of the prevailing theories holds that this hum is actually created by military communications systems used for contacting submarines.
Most individuals, who have been disturbed by this humming sound, say that the noise begins suddenly. It never abates them and interferes in their sleep. What used to drive them insane was that it was more noticeable inside the house rather than when they are outside. Some described it as a sound similar to what diesel engines make while idling at a distance. Since it was undetected by VLF antennae or microphones, its source and nature still remains a mystery.
In 1997, Congress asked observers and scientists from some of the elite research institutes across the nation for look into this strange low-frequency noise heard by New Mexico residents around Taos, New Mexico. The investigation requested by Congress consisted of a team of dozen members. Horace Poteet (from Sandia National Laboratories) and Joe Mullins (from University of New Mexico) were the ones, who eventually wrote the final report of the team. Other New Mexico Research Organizations involved for tackling the situation included Los Alamos National Laboratory and Philips Air Force Laboratory.
Even concerns with regard to Taos Hum coming from the Department of Defense ensured that this investigation got conducted in open and there were a large number of individuals contacted in the issue.
The aims of Congress’ investigating team included:
* Interviewing affected individuals for determining the hum’s nature: the nature of its sound, frequency, timing and effects on them.

*Surveying Taos’ residents and surrounding communities for determining how widespread the humming sound was.
This helped the team in isolating and determining the cause of this hum. Investigators were clear to the fact that some was happening in that region. However, due to lack of solid evidence, they were not able to exactly what it was, as it defied definition.
According to the ‘Taos Hum Investigation: Informal Report’ released on August 23, 1993, hearers experienced hum sound with abrupt beginning. It made them feel that a device was switched on. Several theories were deduced from this report, including the one from Nick Begich, which stated its origin to be in electromagnetic background buildup. However, no one yet is able to confirm their reports, as they are still looking for more concrete evidences supporting this issue.

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