Discoveries on Mars

Strange aligned formations located in an area just south of the Cydonia Face.
(Look very closely.)
For your consideration:

When pyramids have been discovered on Earth they have been, for the most part, unrecognizable.  In Egypt they have been discovered covered with thousands of tons of sand. 

In the Yucatan, pyramids and temples are unrecognizable under tons of wind-blown soils and dense tropical vegetation.
Pyramids in other parts of the world have been discovered under similar conditions and varying levels of decay.  For example, it was a  common practice for ancient peoples to strip off the top layers of stone building materials from the much older (and perceived as obsolete) structures to build their newer homes and buildings.  This practice frequently resulted in mounds of broken and eroded earthen brick that was used as the basis for the structures.
Under similar circumstances such as faced with the Cydonia formations, it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible to look back at Earth from a few hundred miles in space and identify any of these ancient eroded structures as manmade.
Pyramid Ruins on Earth
that were and are difficult to identify
as manmade structures.

Tecme Pyramid Ruin in Sipan
Tucume brick pyramid ruin in Peru
The ruined stone pyramid of Amenemhat I

The Black Pyramid of Amenemhat III

Ancient pyramid structures exist in many countries around the world  (not just in Egypt).  It is interesting to speculate how seemingly isolated human populations all gravitated to the notion of building pyramids.
Where do you suppose that building concept originated?

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