Aged 200 000 years old statue found on the Moon!

 Finally, the scientists found evidence of intelligent life on the surface of the moon. Proof is in the form of a 10-inch sculpture, called, The angel. The statue was found in the ruins of the moon rocks that were collected by the Apollo XI crew in 1969!
Truz, why only now unfolding?
Well, actually the internal NASA has long been aware of this fact but they keep it secret from the public to prevent a mass uproar. Can ?

Only recently this was a former scientist at NASA, Dr. charles expose to the world.
The statue is tangible woman with long hair and the course has wings. 200 000 years old which makes it impossible as a result of human works. Just to know, humans began emerging from 170.000 years ago. 30.000 years? time difference is not very far away? This makes us curious about the creature / civilization that makes this statue.
Many are connected with the gods of ancient civilizations like the Sumerian god, annunaki. However, opinions rose does not yet have evidence to support. Obvious this statue still keeps a close the mystery and not allow us to open it ...

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