Biggest and Tallest Tree World

"Here we go again nih one had by the uniqueness of our planet, the giant tree species could also be called the biggest tree in the world .. curious?? Why the tree is categorized as the biggest tree in the world we see  .."

One of the highest trees in the world of this type of Giant Sequoia has reached 85 meters height. Its age is estimated between 2200 to 2700 years. This tree is very unique given the name of "General Sherman", (whew namana also been given the title general) are expected not only is one of the highest,
but also the type of Sequoia's largest in terms of its volume. In 2002 this tree had a measurable volume of 1487 cubic meters.
This Sherman Tree located in Sequoia National Park in Visalia, California, so named is taken from the name of an American civil war veteran General William Tecumseh Sherman. James Wolverton a Lieutenant in the 9th Indiana Cavalry under Sherman named this tree with his boss's name in 1879. This tree has actually been awarded the title as the largest since the year 1931 visits from his volume factor.
Measured from its dimensions, this indicates Sherman tree becomes larger every year. Diameter, 1.4 meters above the ground is 7.7 meters, diameter of 18 meters above the ground is 5.3 meters, diameter of 55 meters above the ground is 4.3 meters, and height of first branch from the ground is approximately 40 meters.

Uniquely, its largest limb fracture in the year 2006. Shaped like the letter "L" plunged from roughly a quarter of the height of the tree. This branch has a diameter of 2 meters by 30 meters long and destroyed the fence that is made all around. Yet still, this tree is still the largest living thing on earth that are still alive.

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