Candiru, the fish was very ferocious river

When a friend of a friend knows a very ferocious piranha fish, there are other fish killer, her name is Fish Candiru (more Malignant from Piranha).
There are three species Candiru: Candiru Candiru sized finger and a toothpick-sized, usually eating in a way into the bigger fish, while Candiru whale (whale Candiru) are carrion eaters who prefer to eat from a dead fish.

* This fish comes from the Amazon River and Oranoco, Brazil .. which is a habitat for fish or Canero Candiru.

* Fish is also known as "vampire fish of Brazil" because these fish to drink it enters the blood from the fish after fish out of the spine so that he can hold on its prey.
* The local population of this fish is more feared than the piranha fish. If the fish piranhas gnawing prey from outside the body, this fish is attacked from within. In larger fish, he entered through the gills and wounded him with thorns on his head, the man he can go through the rectum, vagina, and even the penis.
* Candiru scans its prey from the urine or blood that they spend. Therefore, swim while urinating broaden the opportunities for prey fish Candiru us.

Help if exposed fish Candiru:
* How to kill this fish can with traditional treatment, ie with water from two plants: apples Buitach Xagua and inserted into the affected area. The second plant will dissolve the fish.
* Can also through operations. But operating costs and time. During the waiting period before surgery, the victim is more often the infection that causes shock and death of the victim before Candiru can be taken.

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