7 Wonders of the Symbiotic in the Ocean!

With pro-evolution-cons is something amazing, but the species which are collectively develop ways to protect one another life, feeding, or cleaning mate is a more spekatukler. Sharks paired with fish, fish with shrimp, and shrimp with sea cucumber (sea cucumber) and many more. This is a radical example of a symbiotic relationship of depth of the ocean in the world.
                                                                 Shrimps of the "cleaning service"

Shrimp "cleaning-service" keliatannya fool, to climb into the mouth of sharp sea eels for food scraps. The pictures on top like shrimp shrimp seaat depicts courage before death arrives as eaten by sea eel, but really all this shows they are an ancient tradition that is clean. Moreover, this shrimp was used to search for sea eels and fish-eating fish for parasites in their mouths: they gathered at "cleaning stations" in significant amounts. Oh, yes, if you find an alternative dentist, it seems they are even able to also clean your mouth.

                                                                     Boxing Crab
Boxing crab, hermit, crab and other species known to be friends with benefits on a variety of strange species of sea anemones stingless. (Anemones = marine invertebrates that live attached to rocks). Boxing crab (most of) depend on anemones and gripped him, making it protected from the predators that threaten. Some hermit crabs (below) shouldered anemones and paste it into the shell with the aim of blocking its enemies. This relationship goes both ways: anemones can get a lot of food because the place moving.

In the picture above a fish with live shrimp shelled spots: like animal stories for children. Both lived together and complement each other. They occupy the holes together, dug by the shrimp and protected by the fish. Shrimp relative can not see this fish's sharp eyesight entrust their partner as a guardian and give a sign to him when safe to move. These fish otherwise expect a hole dug by this shrimp to be used as a refuge and resting comfortably.

Sharks apparently are the least preferred partner in the sea: a big, fast, fierce, and ruthless predator - then why are they so lenient with remore fish that uses adhesive to stick to the odd shark's stomach. Initially regarded as one type of commensalism relationships - relationships that only benefit one party alone - but later revealed that the Remora's not just picking up food scraps shark but also cleans parasites from the underside of the shark's body.

Anglerfish is one of the worst-looking fish and sea dwellers in the extraordinary, the victim with a hook and fishing line and stuffed it into his mouth gaping wide bergiginya. To attract this ugly fish prey using a light in the head, which apparently is jutaaan luminous bacteria attached to the hook-like protrusion on his head. A small fish attracted by light will be approached and become prey. For the record: Anglefish males have a unique way to make the female know that he was the father of her baby candidate. Then the male will live as parasites on the females. Further, they shared a hermaphrodite and the couple had no children.

Weh, this shrimp again? That is, a family of shrimp is one of the more disadvantaged than their partners from this symbiotic relationship. Although not a parasite, no shrimp untungya ridden on his back. Ridership, ridership can be found on the creatures bigger and move faster, including nudibranchs and sea cucumber (sea cucumber). They hang and pick up leftover food when they move in the steed of the sea.

Clown fish (clownfish) seems to be the only species that are resistant to the toxic effects of sea anemones, to move freely within it. Anemones will defend this clown fish and they will eat the remains of the abandoned fish include copepods, isopods and zooplankton. Clown fish will also protect its territory with a fierce, keeping his anemones.

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