el-chupacabara the mysterious mutant

Chupacabra or commonly also called El Chupacabara is a reference to the Mutant / Monster mysterious past few years into terror for residents in the Americas, especially Central America and the United Latin.Kata Chupacabra itself comes from the Spanish who have a sense of "Predators / The blood-sucking goat ", because since its emergence in the nd-nd how much of this decade, mysterious creatures that have a habit of attacking and then suck the blood of livestock, especially goats, has been widely discussed by citizens of the Americas.

One eyewitness recounts the origin of Puerto Rico to meet with the mutant TSB in the early 90s, said he had seen a strange creature, like a dog, but walking on two legs only, and has an impressive array spine extends from the neck to base of tail, which at that time was one of the prey animals.
Once caught, the mysterious mutant and then ran off with a running style similar to a Tyranosaurus Rex / T-Rex.

Chupacabra legend himself already widely discussed at about the year 1987, one of a daily newspaper in Puerto Rico, El Vocero and El Nuevo, reported on the frequent killing of animals such as chickens, horses, cash cow and goat in some areas State tsb.Pertama times, the alleged killing of animals TSB done by some individual that embraces the flow of these allegations black. but gradually disappeared, and the killing of livestock end nearly spread throughout the territory of Puerto Rico, so many farms lost their life his animal.

After going in Puerto Rico, the same incident appeared in Latin American Countries and Central America such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Bolivua, Chilie, Colombia, Chilie, Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Peru, Brazil, USA, and Mexico.

At that moment, news about the Chupacabra began to broadcast several times by the Chanel TV UK, Spain and other European negara2.

In July 2004 yesterday, a rancher near San Antonio, has killed creature resembling a dog but not furry tail ternaknya.Banyak had killed some who thought the mysterious mutant who was killed by an Elmendorf rancher is a TSB Creature.Pada October 2004, the creature resembles Elmendorf Creatur look back at the ranch in San Antonio.

Other Acts also spoken by a breeder in the area of Coleman, Texas, named Leggie Lagow.Pada mid 2005, he succeeded mengangkap a strange animal that he had never met him. he said suspicious about the death of a pet chicken and turkey, the latter often occurs in ranch.

In April 2006, MosNews reported that the Chupacabra looks for the first in Rusia. Report starting from the middle of Russian territory in 2005, which is narrated by an eyewitness, a strange creature had killed thirty-tailed turkey overnight and then suck the blood. Report Neigboring from a village in Russia, reported 30 killed in a mysterious sheep ovaries with characteristics tebuai out and blood on the inside of animals such as the TSB has been sucked dry.

So far this has been a lot of evidence about the existence of these creatures, whether in the form of carcasses / or
citizen testimony. some manifested by the discovery of carcasses / hunting made citizens of the mysterious animal TSB, delivered by veterinary experts to study further.

So far, many people assume that Puerto Rican Chupacabra is a creature of the results of a genetic engineering research institute of the United States, who escaped from the laboratory in El Yunque, a laboratory in eastern Puerto Rico that has been damaged by the brunt of devastating diporak hurricane early in the year 1990 'an.

Not a few people who also consider Chupacabra exist close relations with foreign creature (alien / ET).

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